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  • Dressing Table with LED 1 Dressing Table with Mirror with 10 Stick-On LEDs Black

    3 DELIVERY 5-7 WORKING DAYS Dressing Table with LED 139.5 x 108 x 40 cm Dressing Table with Mirror with 10 Stick-On LEDs Black About this item The dressing table with mirror is ideal for dressing up for the day or evening for a party or a disco visit. Stylish dressing table with mirror and lighting. Includes shelves and a drawer for storing make-up utensils. Fairy lights with 10 LED lamps, which can be individually attached by double-sided adhesive dots. 3 adjustable light colours (warm white, neutral white, cold white). Power supply via USB cable. Easy to assemble Dimensions: total (H x W x D): 139.5 x 108 x 40 cm - mirror (H x W): 65 x 56 cm - table top height: 77 cm - table top depth: 38 cm - drawer front (H x W): 14 x 101 cm - drawer inner dimensions (H x W x D): 8 x 96.5 x 28.5 cm - shelf (L x 28 cm ): 24 each. x 16.5 cm. Distance between shelves: 17 cm each. Table top thickness: 1.5 cm Load capacity: shelf: each max. 5 kg. Drawer: max. 8 kg.

  • Swivel Stool with Backrest Height-Adjustable Swivel Stool Black

    3 no collection Delivery 5-7 days Product dimensions18.9D x 48W x 27.8H centimetres ColourBlack Frame materialMetal Seat material typeFaux Leather About this item The Seat Height adjusts from 48.5 to 64.5cm, Seating diameter: 35cm, Height of backrest: 22cm Ergonomic Comfortable Rolling Stools:it's ergonomically designed with a backrest for optimal support 8cm thick PU Leather cushion, water proof and wear resistance, easy to clean and maintain The Rolling Stool with Mid Back ideal for Office Salon Spa Tattoo Facial Work Home Kitchen Massage Easy Assembly stool: Any adult can be installed in 5 minutes Other colour

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  • mobile aluminium massage table, 3 zones, height adjustable, includes high-quality aluminium plastic headrest and bag,

    3 no collection NEW MODEL 2022 delivery 5-7 working days Product description Our massage chair ensures a unique, feel-good massage experience. The massage table is ready to use in just a few seconds and thanks to the quick and easy folding system for the super space-saving storage or transport. Highlights: Extra-thick padding (approx. 5 cm) for optimum comfort. High-quality fine-cell foam. Oil- and water-resistant vinyl cover. Quick and easy to adjust to different needs: height, legs, neck and arms. Removable face recess for more comfort. Ergonomic, removable multi-function headrest with Velcro fastener. Headrest with removable padding for hygienic cleaning. Includes comfortable armrest for comfortable lying. Infinitely adjustable arm distance. Quickly folds down for easy storage and transport. Anti-slip plastic feet. Lightweight thanks to the aluminium frame. Plastic-coated steel aircraft cables for highest stability. With comfortable shoulder bag. Includes carry function. Max. load capacity: approx. 250 kg working weight, 900 kg static. Technical specifications: Length of the table without headrest: approx. 180 cm, with headrest: approx. 210 cm. Width of the lounger without armrests: approx. 61 cm, with armrests up to: approx. 95 cm. Working height: approx. 68 - 90 cm - adjustable in 3 cm increments. Carrying bag material: 100% polyester. Holds up to 250 kg (not precise). Dimensions when folded: approx. 90 x 60 x 16 cm. Weight: approx. 13 kg. 100% PVC padding approx. 5 cm. Material: aluminium and plastic. Contents: 1 x massage table. 1 x detachable headrest. 2 x detachable armrests. 1 x detachable armrest. 1 x bag.

  • Set Of Two Suitcase Grey Polypropylene (2 Pcs)

    3 No collection Delivery 5-7 days Colour: Grey Material: polypropylene Characteristics: With wheels Safety block Four wheels rotating 360 Quality inner lining Includes: 2 pcs Approx. dimensions: 28 x 45 x 65 cm 39 x 57 x 19 cm The perfect match for all your silver-coloured travels. A set of Roncato Flight cases made of ultra-resistant polypropylene. A rigid bag, extensively zipped with external zips. Its four double multi-directional wheels and top handle will allow you to easily transport the bag. Thanks to its 3-digit lock you can secure your belongings on all your trips. The inside of the case is lined with nylon lining and ropes to prevent your luggage from shifting during transport. Two sizes S+M so you can combine the two and use them when it suits you best: the S size suitcase is ideal for your express trips where you only need the essentials for one or two nights. It will also allow you to take it into the aircraft cabin. Reserve the M size for longer trips and where you need to carry a large amount of luggage.

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  • 8lbs/ Min Grain Mill Home Brew Mill Barley Grinder Crushing 2 Rollers Home Brew

    3 Overview Description Specification Reviews Q&A Recommend Home Restaurant & Food Service Food Preparation Equipment Electric Grain Grinder Mill 8lbs/ Min Grain Mill Home Brew Mill Barley Grinder Crushing 2 Rollers Home Brew Color: Silver Silver Capacity: 5 kg 5 kg About this item LARGE CAPACITY HOPPER- The cereal killer grain mill's thicker hopper can hold 4.9 kg/11 lbs grain at one time. Its large capacity can handle large batches of brewing for you. STAINLESS STEEL MATERAIL- Our grain crusher is constructed of stainless steel rollers, hopper, and other stainless steel accessories, with strong durability and sturdiness. ADJUSTABLE CLEARANCE- This grain mill is equipped with adjustable rollers. You can adjust the distance between rollers to repeatedly crush the grain, and then the powder will be finer. HIGH EFFICIENCY- The crank handle of this brew grain mill can be turned clockwise or counterclockwise, making it easy to use. With the high efficiency, the average throughput of our mill is 3.6 kg/8 lbs per minute. WIDE APPLICATION- The malt mill is specially perfect for malt, barley, and wheat, but is not recommended for crushing soybeans. It is designed to crush the grain, not grind.

  • Digital Household 900ML Ultrasonic Cleaner 42KHz Sonic Cleaner for Jewelry,Ring,Eyeglasses,Denture,Watch Chains,Coins,Metal Parts etc

    3 900ml digital household ultrasonic cleaner is a professional ultrasonic jewelry cleaner and it can be used to not only clean jewelries, but also clean other small stuffs with complex-surfaces, such as shaver heads, watch parts etc., and is characterized by simple, user-friendly operation. Based on the ultrasonic frequency of 42KHz, it can create more cavitation quantity, do much better in penetration, but cause much less noise than other devices whose frequencies are close to 20KHz. Stainless tank 18 cleaning time setting among 90s~30mins 42KHz for intensive rinse of complex surfaces Digital control with LED display 42KHz for intensive rinse of stuffs with complex-shaped surfaces Under the same ultrasonic intensity, 42KHz ultrasonic wave can create more cavitation quantity, and do much better in penetration, than ultrasonic wave close to 20KHz. So 42KHz ultrasonic wave does well in cleaning stuffs with complex-shaped surface or blind holes. Especially, 42KHz ultrasonic wave causes much lower noise than ultrasonic waves close to 20KHz. 18 cleaning time among 90s~30mins The default time setting is 90s and the time setting circulation is as follows: 90S 120S 150S 180S 210S 240S 270S 300S 330S 360S 540S 720S 900S18 mins21mins 24mins 27mins 30mins 90S SUS304 stainless tank resistant to weak acid and weak alkali SUS304 stainless steel does better in resistance to alkali solution and most organic and inorganic acid than SUS201 or other SUS200 stainless steel series. However, SUS304 stainless steel has no resistance to solution with chloridions, such as hydrochloric acid, and hydrofluoric acid. Note: Please don't use flammable, explosive or volatile cleaning solution Degas Mode for removing ultrasonic fatigue DEGAS mode is an intermittent cleaning mode to remove residual bubbles(no cavitation nucleus) which can increase the loss of ultrasonic transmission and decrease the blast strength of cavitations in the cleaning solution. So it is a cleaning mode for removing ultrasonic fatigue to improve cleaning effect. ltrasonic Power: 35W; Ultrasonic Frequency: 42KHz; Control Mode: Digital Control; Tank Capacity: 900ml; Power Supply: AC 230~240V, 50-60Hz; N.W.: 2.71 pounds; G.W.: 3.1 pounds; Tank Size: Tank Size: 153*85*60mm (6.0*3.3*2.4inch); Overall Size: 176*110*120mm (6.9*4.3*4.7 inch) Basket Size: 145*82*49 mm( 5.8*3.2*1.9 inch) Package: 1 x User Manual; 1 x Cleaning Basket; 1 x 600ml Ultrasonic Cleaner Note: The ultrasonic cleaner can be used to clean sundry stuffs, but it can not clean: 1. Tarnished silver items; 2.Jewelries with loose stones; 3. Eyeglasses with scratches or cracks on the coating. Besides, few drops of cleaning solution will enhance cleaning performance, but flammable and explosive detergent can not be used.

  • 2.5L Ultrasonic Cleaner Professional Ultrasound Clean Machine with Degas & Timer and Heater for Ring, Silver, Eyeglass, Watches, Jewelry, Coins, Industrial Accessory, Circuit Board etc.

    3 2.5L Ultrasonic Cleaner Professional Ultrasound Clean Machine with Degas & Timer and Heater for Ring, Silver, Eyeglass, Watches, Jewelry, Coins, Industrial Accessory, Circuit Board etc. About this item Ultrasonic ParametersTemperature setting:0-80; Time setting:0-99mins; 1mins increase or decrease once if press and hold Time +/-; 1 degree increase or decrease once if press and hold Temperature +/- Real Capacity2.5L full volume and 2.4L effective volume; Tank Size: 150*135*150mm (L*W*H); Over all Size: 180*165*245mm (L*W*H) Ultrasonic power Power consumption 60W, heating power 100W The higher the power, the better the cleaning effects, optimized power control for special cleaning and laboratory applications Extra-thick tankThickness 0.0433in (1.2mm) SUS304 cleaning tank with Stainless steel basket =135*125*115mm (L*W*H) is perfect for keeping your Jewelry, Glasses, Circuit Board, Dentures, Dental Instrument, Small Metal Parts Wide Application It's multi-functional to be used to disperse, emulsify, bubble, extract, remove rust/dirt/dust and more; Ideal clean solution for jewelry, glasses, capacitors, tattoo machine, laboratory equipment, contact lenses, fuel injectors, watches, pipettes, dental Report incorrect product information. This ultrasonic cleaner digital has powerful transducer, heater and tank contents and is suitable for removing dirt, dust and grime from the surface of items such as jewelry, household products, glasses, coins, metal parts and much more. Suggestions for use: Scientific Laboratory: Lenses Eyeglass Frames, Laboratory Glassware, Optics & amp; Contact, pipettes, test tubes Manufacture of electronic components: capacitors, ceramic substrates, printed circuit boards, packaging components, SMDS Medicine & amp: Dental Labs, Drills: Blood Oxygenators, Cannulas, Dental Instruments, Syringe Parts Jewelry making: necklaces, charms, coins, intricate settings, metals and precious stones In the automotive industry: carburetors, castings, injectors, machined parts, cut parts, switches ultrasonic cleaner jewelry Specification Capacity: 2.5L Ultrasonic frequency: 40000 Hz Power Consumption: 60W Heating power: 100W Tank capacity: 150 * 135 * 150mm (L * W * H) Device size: 180 * 165 * 245mm (L * W * H) Weight: 2.8KG 2.5L Ultrasonic Cleaner 1* Stainless steel basket = 13.5*12.5*11.5cm (L * W * H) 1* Instruction manual 1* UK power cord (1.5m) igital Display & Setting Degas (degas working mode) Sweep (soft sweep working mode) Turbe (powerful cleaning mode) Timer setting:0-99min Temperature setting:0-80C Press the button to set the working time and heating temperature. Clear LED display for smoother operation. Effective volume: 2.4L Full volume: 2.5L, Effective volume: 2.4L. When the water volume does not exceed the MAX line, you can install 2.2L of water. When the water volume exceeds the MAX line and is parallel to the tank surface, 2.4L of water can be transferred. The effective volume of our 2.5L ultrasonic cleaner is equivalent to 3L ultrasonic cleaning machine of other brands. Reminder: Because when you put the cleaned items into the tank, the water level will rise, so please do not exceed the MAX line. Timer setting: 0-99min Time setting: 0-99 minutes adjustable (LED digital display); 1mins increase or decrease once if press and hold Time +/-. ultrasonic cleaner jewelry ultrasonic cleaner jewelry Ultrasonic Cleaner Temperature adjustment: 0-80C Heating can decrease the adhesive strength of oil and wax to certain stuffs to be cleaned, make the cleaning solution much easiler to create; Cavitations under ultrasonic wave and strengthen cavitation so as to increase the cavitation level of cleaning solution, and then enhance the cleaning effect. The best cleaning temperature is 40C-60C. 360 professional ultrasonic cleaning Ultrasonic cleaning machine uses ultrasonic cavitaiton to form many tiny bubbles in the liquid (water) instantaneous burst to generate shock waves to clean items; directly or indirectly disperse, emulsify, stripped, and achieve the purpose of cleaning ; it will not cause damage to items ,both safe and efficient. SUS304 stainless steel tank SUS304 stainless steel resistant to weak acids and weak alkalis; SUS304 stainless steel is more resistant to alkaline solution and most organic and inorganic acids than SUS201 or SUS200; However, SUS304 stainless steel is not resistant to chloride solution such as hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid. Note: Do not use flammable, explosive or volatile cleaning solutions; During cleaning, the "ZiZi" noise is normal.

  • Console Table Golden Metal

    3 Delivery 5-8 days No collection Console table home decor mirror golden metal Specifications of console home decor mirror golden metal (100 x 40 x 78 cm) Material: Metal Mirror Width: 100 cm Style: oriental Colour: golden Adjustable: no Height: 40 cm Length: 78 cm Approx. Dimensions: 100 x 40 x 78 cm

  • Console Home Decor Metal Mirror (126 X 43 X 81 Cm)

    3 Delivery 5-8 days No collection Specifications of console dkd home decor metal mirror (126 x 43 x 81 cm) Type: flower Material: Metal Mirror Colour: golden Adjustable: no Style: chic Approx. Dimensions: 126 x 43 x 81 cm

  • 2 X Side Table Home Decor Black Metal Marble Golden (2 Pcs)

    3 Delviery 5-7 days SPECIFICATIONS OF SIDE TABLE HOME DECOR BLACK METAL Faux MARBLE GOLDEN (2 PCS) Colour: Black Golden Material: Metal Faux Marble Pieces: 2 pcs Adjustable: No Approx. dimensions: 28 x 28 x 60 cm 33 x 33 x 65 cm

  • Industrial style Office side table adjustable

    3 No collection delivery 5-7 working days Free position: Sometimes you work on your laptop, sometimes on a tablet? With the plate that can be tilted up to 45, you can find a comfortable position while working. You can also leave the table top flat and have breakfast comfortably on the sofa Offers more possibilities: The table top on the left is adjustable. But a mouse or glass can remain stable on the plate on the right, whether you want to focus on work or enjoy a movie Stable and easy to move: The steel frame and quality chipboard prevent the table from wobbling every time you press a button. The side table also has 4 castors, 2 of which are locked. Agility brings more luck! An Allen key is enough! And he's there! You don't need any other tools; just follow the clear instructions and the marked parts and then work from home with the new laptop table What you get: A 55 x 35 x 66 cm laptop table in a unique industrial style

    Office Desks
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  • Kitchen cabinet with 3 doors

    3 Delivery 5-7 days No collection -Industrial flair: The chef offers you a cabinet with a wood-colored surface and a black metal frame in industrial style, all decorated with a louvre door, transparent doors and grilles to awaken the soul of your kitchen Want more? This cabinet has adjustable shelves for recipe books, 1 open compartment for glasses and finally... a large interface that is perfect for organizing your future buffets by placing quiches and pizzas Wiggle? No way! You lose your balance when you drink a little too much? But this kitchen cabinet will not lose its balance! Thanks to the adjustable feet, it remains stable even on slightly uneven ground A reliable guest: eat, chat and laugh... Thanks to the quality chipboards held by a sturdy metal frame, this cabinet can serve you and your friends for years to come with a cheerful smile The assembly that does not rob you of all your appetite: This cabinet is easy to assemble. Because it comes with marked parts and clear instructions. Easy installation ... Enjoy your meal! Size: 110 x 33 x 75 cm (L x W x H) - Weight: 26.7 kg - Max. static load capacity of the surface: 30 kg - Max. static load capacity per shelf level in the lower area: 10 kg Scope of delivery: - 1 x storage cabinet - 1 x Accessory Pack - 1 x anti-tipper - 1 x manual (DE, EN, ES, FR, IT)

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  • Composter Metal Set of 3

    3 Delivery 5-7 days In a set of 3 Made of steel 560 litres each Simple setup Environmentally friendly Set of 3 quick composters made of metal A garden composter not only ensures that you can dispose of your garden and organic waste quickly and easily, but also provides you with valuable, nutrient-rich compost. Shrub and lawn clippings, wilted leaves and old branches can simply be thrown into the leaf composter instead of in the organic bin. Waste from the kitchen, such as vegetables, fruits and eggshells, is also allowed on the compost heap. Thanks to the clever spiral connectors, the leaf composter is set up in no time. Composter Metal 3er Set_3 Composter Metal 3er Set_4 Organic composter for the home garden Doing something good for the environment & your wallet Build 2 or 3 individual or a large composter as needed Composting twigs, leaves, lawn clippings, vegetable & fruit residues Easy & quick assembly thanks to spiral connections Powder-coated steel is robust & rust-resistant Scope of delivery 3x compost bins in individual parts (4 elements each + 8 connectors) without decoration Details about compost Size H x W x D: approx. 70 x 90 x 90 cm Size per element H x W: approx. 70 x 90 cm Mesh size H x W: approx. 10 x 4 cm Volume: approx. 560 L Weighs approx. 3.7 kg Made of steel In dark green

    Garden Storage
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  • Composter 800 L Compost Garden Composter Made of Metal Grills for Open Composting

    3 Delivery 5-7 days Composter 100 x 100 x 80 cm for 800 L Compost Garden Composter Made of Metal Grills for Open Composting Capacity800 litres About this item Composter with a total size of 100 x 100 x 80 cm For approx. 800 litre compost made from garden and organic waste Consists of powder-coated metal grilles and can withstand the weather Method of open composting Environmentally friendly production of high-quality soil and fertiliser

  • Sun + Rain Blocker 3,7 x 2 m - front wall for marquee awning protects from sun wind rain

    3 Delivery 5-7 days Sun + Rain Blocker 3,7 x 2 m - front wall for marquee, awning protects from sun, wind and rain" Awning Sun + Rain Blocker 3.7 - Front wall 370 x 200cm for camping bus, motorhome and caravan marquee. Awning wall in double-walled design with wind-permeable sun protection fabric and opaque cover against rain and wind Multifunctional weather protection wall with 4.3 mm and 7 mm keder for mounting in the keder rail of the awning. If necessary, the yourGEAR keder adapter with 7mm to 5.8mm can be purchased, note the corresponding pictorial explanation with drawing Sun protection. The transparent, air-permeable special fabric provides shade and protects against direct sunlight. It reduces the effect of heat, avoids heat accumulation and reflects a large part of the UV radiation Wind, rain and privacy protection. The opaque cover is closed by zipper. It is made of a waterproof, PU coated polyester with 3000mm water column and equipped with a high sun protection factor UV 50+ Dimensions: 3,7 m x 2 m, packing bag 55x17x15 cm, weight 2,3 kg, delivery includes: double-walled front wall, 4 adjustable guy ropes, 4 pegs, assembly instructions, care instructions. Available Sun + Rain Blocker sizes: 430x200, 370x200, 330x200, 280x200, 240x200 cm Material Tent walls: 100 % polyester, PU coated, UPF 50+, seam taped Features Type: Front wall for bus, caravan and motorhome awnings, double-walled (mesh + sight rain protection) Version: 370 x 200 cm Front wall: UV 50+ protection and 3000mm water column Setup: Fastening by piping in piping strip on the vehicle or awning Guy material: variable length, removable tension straps and sturdy steel tent pegs Stuff bag: 55 x 17 x 15 cm, 2,3 kg Dimensions Note: Equipped with 2 pipings in thickness 4.3 mm and 7 mm - piping adapter 7 mm to 5,8 mm available as accessory Colors, shapes, designs Main colour: blue Secondary colour: grey

  • Round side table white with shelves

    3 Delivery 5-7 days Modern storage table in white Get this decorative and practical storage table home to access your favorite book, mobile phone, drinks or small snacks directly from the sofa. The simple white forms a chic contrast to the dark table legs. Also bring out flowers or picture frames on the side table. The rotary table is also suitable as a small decorative table in the hallway or as a bed table in the bedroom. Round side table white_3 Round side table white_4 Round living room table 3 shelves offer plenty of storage space Drop your phone, snacks and more Modern design made of MDF & wood Ideal next to the couch in the living room Also available as a bedside table or hallway table Scope of delivery 1x side table Incl. mounting material without decoration Side table at a glance Dimensions H x D: approx. 56.5 x 40 cm Height of shelves: approx. 16.5 cm Leg height: approx. 14 cm Load capacity: approx. 30 kg Weighs approx. 4.6 kg Made of MDF & Wood In White & Black

  • Trampoline

    3 No collection Trampoline 305 cm black-green A jump to the top: Watch your kids (or even your partner) jump to their heart's content on this 305cm outdoor trampoline After seeing their faces beaming with joy, you certainly want to join in Durable materials: Consisting of a 305 cm jumping bed with steel ring and galvanized, powder-coated steel legs in W-shape, this garden trampoline for children is well protected from rust, compression, wind and preforming. It can also be loaded with up to 150 kg Safety is important: so that you do not jump against it and injure yourself, the 8 bars of the safety net are covered with foam and placed outside the jumping bed. The net inside also ensures that you can hop around uninhibited In and out with ease: The practical ladder with 7.6 cm deep steps makes it easy to get on the trampoline's jumping bed. You don't even have to screw on the ladder, so the jumping fun can start right away Certified for safe jumping: The trampoline has been tested by TV Rheinland and awarded a GS certificate (according to EN 71-1/2/3/14, certificate no. S 50539817, issued on 19.04.2022) to guarantee safety and fun for your children

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  • Sandbox with 2 bench seats,, made of fir wood, with non-woven cloth floor

    3 Delivery 5-7 days Sandbox with 2 bench seats, 980x980x200mm, made of fir wood, with non-woven cloth floor Item dimensions L x W x H20 x 98 x 98 centimetres Item weight9 kilograms Assembly requiredNo About this item A modern sandbox with two practical benches Dimensions (LxWxH): 980x980x200mm Made of fir wood and with non-woven cloth floor Includes edge protection Stable and environmentally friendly

    Garden Toys
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  • Coffee Table, Side Table, Cocktail Table, Industrial Style, with Metal Frame, with Storage Shelf, for Living Room,

    3 DELIVERY AVAILABLE , Represents a combination of functionality, durability and stylish vintage designs. If you want to give your rooms an individual touch and an antique aesthetic, our vintage furniture series can achieve impressive effects. Vintage Living Room Table with Iron Frame This isn't just for lovers of the romantic vintage style. Even fans of the trendy industrial design can upgrade their living room with this piece of furniture due to the matte-black iron frame. This also applies to the spacious storage shelf on which you can keep books, magazines or green plants. This coffee table is a real treasure. Something behind the Facade A piece of furniture doesn't benefit from even the most beautiful appearance if it lacks functionality. For this reason, our tea table has a large tabletop that can hold up to 120 kg and is particularly durable. The adjustable feet make up for small irregularities on the floor while protecting your valuable wood floors from scratches. Specifications: - Colour: Vintage, Black - Material: Particle Board, Iron Frame - Product size: 106.2 x 60.2 x 45 cm (L x W x H) - Product Weight: 13.7 kg - Load Capacity of Tabletop: 120 kg - Load Capacity of Metal Shelf: 40 kg Package Contents: - 1 x Coffee Table - 1 x Allen Key - 1 x Instructions (EN, FR, DE, ES, IT) A WELCOMING FEEL: Some styles of furniture with neutral colours often look cold and unwelcoming, but not this coffee table; with warm wood tones and trendy vintage features, it gives your living room an antique, cosy flair PERFECT DESIGN: The sturdy, matte-black iron frame and robust tabletop with a vintage look are precisely the elegant mix of styles that give this piece of living room furniture an individual character and remarkable stability A PLACE FOR BOOKS OR CATS?: The metal grid on the lower part of this tea table serves as a shelf that can hold up to 40 kg of books, remote controls or maybe even your cats, if they happen to find a comfortable spot DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE ASSEMBLY: Thanks to the easy-to-understand instructions, no great effort is required to set up this 106.2 x 60.2 x 45 cm coffee table Check out our great range of products below.

    Coffee Tables
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  • SALE Portable Home Sauna Tent, 2L Personal Sauna Steamer Generator 1000W Insulation Sauna Tent Portable with 9 Files Temperature Adjustment,for Sauna Bath/Reducing Fatigue/Detoxifying/Slimming

    3 No collection sELIVERY 4-6 DAYS [DESIGN FEATURE]: In order to simulate the real sauna effect, our family sauna adopts the combination of steam generator + sauna tent, so that you can enjoy private sauna time anywhere with power source. The purple design adds some fashionable elements. [FASHION SAUNA TENT]: The fashionable sauna tent uses high-grade EPE pearl cotton, which has a strong heat-gathering effect and effectively prevents steam leakage. The inner and outer double-sided zipper is convenient for entry and exit, and the upper exit makes your hands free. Innovative soft structure pop-up design allows you to enjoy without assembly, three-step folding for quick storage. Compared with infrared sauna, it brings you a more realistic experience and higher safety. [1000W STEAM GENERATOR]: Durable digital steam boiler with adjustable time and gear position. 2 liters of water capacity, 10-60 minutes set time, 9 levels adjustable to control steam delivery, the steam level rises to 122F within a few minutes. At the same time, it has anti-dry burning, anti-leakage, explosion-proof, automatic power-off protection, and anti-leakage protection. [OPERATING PROCEDURES]: First connect one hose to the steam generator and the outside of the sauna tent, and the other from the inside of the tent to the medicine box (you can put essential oils or medicine packs in the medicine box in advance), pour water into the steamer and connect to the power source. After a few minutes, you can enjoy your personal sauna time in the sauna tent. [NEW EXPERIENCE]: As the most economical sauna tool at present, you can enjoy a personal sauna on the premise of fully saving your time and space, relieve your chronic fatigue, promote metabolism, and achieve the effects of weight loss and detoxification. It is the best choice for women High-quality Sauna Steamer 1000W high power 2L large capacity Food grade stainless steel liner Anti-dry burn/anti-leakage/explosion-proof triple protection Professional Sauna Materials High-grade EPE pearl cotton Frameless self-supporting structure Anti-steam leakage, high-efficiency heat accumulation Waterproof inside and outside to promote cleanliness Humanized design Cap design to prevent steam leakage Holes on the upper end to free your hands Pocket design, put your leisure items No assembly required No need for steel pipes, screws or plastic joints Simply stretch to fully unfold and automatically shape 10 Specification Product weight: about 4KG Temperature adjustment: 1-9 files Set power: 1000W Voltage: 220V Steamer material: inner container (preferably-integrated stainless steel) and outer (polypropylene) Folding method: stainless steel bracket Expanded size: 74*74*86cm (L/w/h) Packing size: 35*30*30cm (L/w/h) Packing list: Steam hood*1 steam engine*1 manual*1 remote control*1

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  • Round Side Table, Set of 2 Bedside Tables 40 x 40 x 56 cm, Sofa Table with Metal Frame, Sturdy Triangular Structure, Minimalist and Stylish Style, Dark Brown

    3 no collection delivery 5-7 days About this item Simple and stylish style: the combination of vintage plate and black metal frame is versatile and stylish. This set of 2 side tables will make a great difference in your home, whether you want to combine it with a coffee table, sofa or rocking chair Many uses: whether in the living room, in the bedroom and study or in the kitchen and on the balcony, the side table can be used at any time for storing books, magazines, snacks or coffee and anything else you want The right size: the side table is 40 x 40 x 56 cm, small and exquisite, space-saving and very easy to move. The round top makes the table look more compact and beautiful Clever design: the legs of the coffee table or sofa table have a triangular structure with metal brackets for strength and stability. Non-slip pads on the legs give the table stability and also prevent the legs from scratching the floor Easy to assemble: thanks to the easy-to-understand instructions, numbered parts and the enclosed screwdriver of the chests, assembly is done quickly

    Coffee Tables
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