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  • Merino Wool Vests

    3 size 12/14/16 Description Condition: New You will absolutely love soft, warm handmade piece entirely made out of the highest quality merino wool, silk and viscose. If you prefer natural, comfortable and unique products that are promoting pure Irish inventions then our jackets of unrepeatable designs are perfect for you. Our jackets, tops, scarves and other accessories can be worn regardless of the outdoor conditions and season as wool has the capability to regulate our bodys heat exchange. Every jacket is very unique my and is of my own design. If you desire to have the very same jacket please be advised that the color palette will be same however the pattern may be unrepeatable. Our products are classified as an EcoFriendly clothes. Each jacket is a one piece unit without any stitches or sewing involved and had been felted by the use of an ordinary soap and warm water. Please note that the above picture is a display unit. If you wish to order our handmade jacket your order will be processed within 2 weeks. Please contact us to customize your size, design and colors. When ordering a product keep in mind that all actual colors might differ from what you see, due to settings of your monitor. HAND WASH ONLY with a semiwarm water (30C ) and light detergent. DO NOT use washing machine or tumble drier. Dry when fully shaped preferably on horizontal surface. PRICES; JACKETS EUR 170.00 VESTS EUR 120.00 HEND BAGS EUR 55.00 SCARF FROM EUR 20.00 TO EUR 55.00 P&P BY REGISTERED POST ONLY : Additional EUR 15.00