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  • Stone Meteorite (NWA869) Ordinary Chondrite small sizes available

    3 NWA869 is the official scientific name for one of the largest meteorite finds to come out of North West Africa. Over two metric tonnes of material has been recovered from an undisclosed location in Algeria that comprise of many individuals in various sizes. NWA 869 is classified as an Ordinary Chondrite. The chondrite group of meteorites are known to have originated in the asteroid belt and have been dispersed across the solar system after violent collisions with asteroids dislodged fragments. I have available small NWA 869 meteorites in a weight of between 8 - 10 grams (please see scale cube photos for size indications). All are very nice specimens that display partial to full coverings of dark fusion crust on the surfaces. These meteorites can be used for collection or for their metaphysical properties as healing stones. The meteorites are guaranteed as authentic NWA869 Ordinary Chondrites. I source through reputable dealers and offer full traceability on request. * Price is for one meteorite stone. * Attached photos are for indication purposes, you will receive one that is similar. * Postage to anywhere in Ireland is free. * A specimen card is included with the meteorite.

  • Meteorite Keychain

    3 Meteorite Keychain for sale. This keychain contains a meteorite slice that has been polished and suspended in epoxy resin. The meteorite is a stone Ordinary Chondrite and is originally from space, somewhere in the asteroid belt. This is an authentic meteorite, I source meteorites through reputable dealers just so I can guarantee authenticity. The keychain is sent with a specimen card and postage to anywhere in Ireland is free.

  • Space themed keychain; contains meteorite fragments

    3 This outer space themed keychain contains real stone meteorite fragments. The fragments are leftover pieces that remain after the meteorite cutting process. The meteorites are weathered ordinary chondrites from North West Africa (NWA). The glass vial is guaranteed to contain pure extraterrestrial material that originated in outer space. A small planet charm is included. The keychain is sent in a small black cardboard gift box. Postage is free to anywhere in Ireland.