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  • O'Briain Pianos

    5 O'Briain Pianos is a piano tuning, restoration, repair and reconditioning service for customers in Ireland and the UK. We restore and transport high quality upright pianos, baby grands, full size grand pianos, and early Artcase period pianos. We specialize in preserving rare and unique German upright and grand pianos, doing our utmost to revive the original look, sound, feel and character of each piano coming into our care. Our call out tuning service covers the Leinster region and you are not charged for the call out, just the tuning. O'Briain Pianos offer 25% discounts for special needs customers, the elderly, and Irish care institutions, so that children and adults may benefit from Music Therapy. Previously, Music Therapy has been used to support emotional, cognitive and social development in many populations. It promotes wellness by managing stress, enhancing memory and improving communication. Owner Cathal O'Briain is qualified Psychotherapist who has worked both in private practice and for the HSE.

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  • Office Wiz

    5 is a 100% wholly Irish owned company with more than 30 years experience in the field of Office Supplies and Print. Due to current economic conditions companies are looking for the best deal possible Our highly efficient business model means we can offer our customers lower prices. We are an Authorised Ollivetti Dealer in Ireland. At OfficeWiz we are committed to delivering: • 1-2 Business Day delivery on over 28,000 products nationwide. • A safe and secure online billing system • Monthly special offers. • Top Class customer service.

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  • Offshore Glass

    5 OffShore Glass specialises in Upcycled Glass creations. The aim is to make unique, one of a kind items. All our products are thoroughly finished, and any electrical equipment used is certified and straight from the box.

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  • On Silver Pond Wedding Stationery

    5 Wedding and Event Stationery. Invitations to any event.

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  • On Yer Bike Cycles

    5 We sell new and reconditioned bikes to suit everyone. All our new bike come with a 2 year warranty and 3 free services in the first year.

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  • One Shop For All

    5 For more low price Quality stuff Please visit our website at One Store 4 All is registered in Ireland (Reg No 533419B ) with its registered office at Palmerston, Dublin, Ireland. Email : [email protected]

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  • Optiwire

    5 There are 3 main differences of what we would like our customers to notice comparing us to other shops – low prices, quality of our products and customer service. Hi, my name is Jevgenijs Kondartjevs which translates as Eugene in English but for some reason I am stuck with Jeff in Ireland. It has just kind of happened itself when my first friends here about 7 years ago started to call me Jeff by simply shortening my original name. I am from Riga, Latvia born and studied there but left in search of better life and better country hoping to come back one day. If you ask me whether I have left due to the needs or just an intention to travel, I would say both, it is quite clear to see what is wrong with the country I am from by just looking up Wikipedia and after traveling around the world for 2 years I have decided to settle in Carlow, Ireland. When starting Optiwire with Vitalijs, I have decided to not just create a modern company with all the advances offered but also to leverage on what brings a tradition of hard work and passion with my personality as well. We not only pay all the taxes here in Ireland which are extremely high by the way but also we use all the cloud accounting and other help there is, so yes, it is only me doing all this. I must say, it is really surprising how easy it is to lose money in the retail and how little cost is involved when you do things well. Minimum staff costs, minimum storage fees, and smart technologies – this is our recipe for low prices. The final question I always ask myself before putting up items for sale is would I be happy to buy this item at the price listed and if I would than I will go ahead. Another aspect of what we do is products and their quality, I must say I am quite happy with our partnership with Delock, Asbis, Roline and other companies but we always monitor what is coming in and going out to make sure the quality is extremely high for the price paid and delivers exactly what we all want – fully functional items which last and deliver exactly what we expect and even more. That is why your feedback is extremely important because without you we are unable to track the performance of every item we sell and we would like you to tell us what you think about using these products. We also welcome your advice when it comes to getting new suppliers on-board and usually we have enough flexibility to get new products on sale within weeks. And finally the most difficult and most exciting challenge we are proud having succeeded so far with - our customer service. We not only do what everyone else does – quick replies, quick shipping, expert product advice and support, exchange, returns, etc but I think of you the way I think of me, your problem is mine, your question is my question and unless you are completely happy with my support I will not stop. I am not shy to get advice from our suppliers if you have specific questions regarding product functionality, I will only promise what I can do and I will always have a solution to any kind of problem if there is one. Myself, I think, is the biggest difference when you buy from Optiwire because I will not be thinking anything else but about you and your message / email when you decide to contact me. Customer service is truly primary to everything else – time, cost, and products whatever it is – this is how my day starts and goes. I will do everything I can and even more to deliver exceptional service and even more and than even more. This is the way to go in my opinion and this is how I am going to do things here at OPTIWIRE. Yours faithfully, Jeff P.S. If you are still unsure whether to buy from Optiwire, please, test us by buying something cheap, we have some adapters for as low as 2,49 euro and this will show you exactly the service we provide.

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  • Orthorest Healthcare 

    5 Orthorest Backcare Ltd. was founded in the early 90’s and has developed into a major supplier of medical equipment and consumables and independent living products throughout Ireland. Initially our main business centred on orthopaedic products distributing through, pharmacies, chiropractors and physiotherapists. Over the years and by customer demand we have developed both our product line and distribution. We currently supply, pharmacies, hospitals, health authorities, community care, individual clients and private institutions. Orthorest prides itself in offering customers choice, quality and value for money by providing them with products that best satisfy the needs of our customers. Our mission is to offer our customers a total supply package off the best quality healthcare products and service, representing our principals according to their own world-class standards for quality, price and service. Our friendly staff are happy to answer any questions on all our products, just phone, fax or e-mail us and we will assist you as best we can.

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