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  • Casio SR-S500 Cash Register

    3 The SR-S500 is the latest Cash Register from Casio range. The SRS500 is a stylish and modern ECR which has advanced into today's technology offering Bluetooth Connectivity using Casio's FREE Application. This App allows you to program and collect sales for up to 4 machines from one tablet device. Features: *Large backlit LCD screen *2 x AA batteries required (not provided unless with programming) *Links up to smartphones or tablets running Casio's Connect ECR+ app *Easy to use *SD card setup and backup *Up to 2 years viewable data via application *Easy to modify program Specifications: *Stylish black and silver design *Bluetooth (BLE Ver 4.1) as standard *Colour: Silver *Stores 3000 product codes or prices *Custom receipt message for business name etc. *Custom product names *Receipt/transaction reprinting *Electronic journal for storing transactions *72 departments *Features customer display *Features a tear bar *Raised Keyboard *Receipt printer speed: 14 lines per second *Note orientation: Horizontal (Flat) *Supports 50 operators *Support for 4 tax rates *Supports up to 2 currencies *Features graphic printing capabilities *Create custom graphic logo *Features 2 serial ports *Compatible with barcode scanners (May require specific scanner. Scanner not included) *SD card slot *Clerk Password System: each clerk can be assigned a secret code *Sales reports can be viewed on a PC *Comes with 1 year warranty from the manufacturer *Compatible with 57/58mm till roll *25 programmable keys *Till data backup facility *Contains 4 compartments for cash/notes *Includes media slot for cheques and credit card slips *Contains 8 compartments for coins *Direct Thermal Printer *External Dimensions: 220 x 400 x 450mm (HxWxD)

  • Spin Mop Papa Commercial System

    3 Spin Mop Papa Professional System Rene introduces the Professional System Spin Mop Papa: Built to handle large office spaces, schools, restaurants, retail stores, hotels, and more. The most complete cleaning system for pubs, restaurants, hotels, gyms, schools and your business. Spin Mop Papa complete set also comes with one microfibre head. Size of the bucket is 60cm long 37cm wide, overall height included the trolley is 40cm. The handle size extends from 115cm to 148cm. Comes with one big mop head size 48cm Wide. Spare mop heads can be purchase from our website. Its Powerful drainer and absorption makes a perfect floor cleaning. Comfort grip 360 handle. Robust trolley systems makes a practical move and easy to carry ideal for every places. Spin Mop Papa is the most professional way to clean! To use the Spin Mop Papa Professional System, first submerge the mop in the bucket. Next, place the mop into the basket and pump the handle to spin the mop at over 1000 rotations per minute. Centrifugal force removes moisture, dirt and debris, cleaning the head and allowing you to control the level of moisture in the mop. Then simply lock the handle and begin mopping. The machine-washable Hurricane Spin Mop head has thousands of microfibre strands that trap dirt, grime, and liquids without drips or leaks. It is also effective as a dry mop, attracting dust, hair, and other debris.

  • 5x Hard double layers Cardboard Boxes

    3 5x Double layers used cardboard boxes in a good condition for moving houses, offices, etc. Note: letters written on this cardboard. Available size 56.5cm long x49cm width x80cm height. (More quantity available in store) 10x Double layers used cardboard boxes 30.00 15x Double layers used cardboard boxes 45.00

  • Brand New Casio SE-G1 Cash Register Till

    3 Condition: Brand new in the box! Give your customers good looking receipt, whilst keeping a track of your accounting with this Casio SE-G1 Cash Register. Great for small to medium shops and business. The screen allows you to see the figures you've imputed and how much money you're going to charge your customers. This till can be used for selling items that don't have a bar code to scan. Casio SE-G1 with 8 department buttons (up to 24 departments using shift) & 999 price look ups (or PLU) Allows you to put your shop name on receipt ( up to 5 custom lines ) ** Please note: This till does not print product/department names ** Price include VAT. Features: Compact design Custom receipt header Designed for quick and easy setup Specifications: Great value till Does not print product/department names Choose between receipts or journal-keeping Stores 999 product codes or prices Custom receipt message for business name etc. 24 departments Features customer display Features a tear bar Raised Keyboard Note orientation: Horizontal (Flat) Supports 8 operators Support for 4 tax rates Compatible with 57/58mm till roll 8 programmable keys Contains 3 compartments for notes Contains 5 compartments for coins Direct Thermal Printer Note: This cash register requires 2xAA Batteries, which are not included. ( Battery will be for your backup memory protection, to prevent from losing all settings and sales data ) DIMENSIONS: Width-330mm Depth-360mm Height-203mm Weight: 4kg Delivery worldwide for 5 delivery charge.

  • 100x Stainless Steel Pole Extension Part

    3 100x Stainless Steel Pole extension part. Full length is 9cm.

  • 100 Sets of plastic wheels

    3 Sale for recycling *100 Sets of plastic wheels.

  • Smart Microfibre Sponge Mop

    3 Ergonomic and easy-to-use. Clever wringer let's you avoid getting your hands wet and straining your back. Microfibre mop with great absorbency and deep cleaning action. Quickly removes stains and dried-in dirt. Works effectively on all types of floor surfaces. Interchangeable mop heads. *Allows you to mop floors to a quick and easy shine. *Ergonomic and easy-to-use. *No need to get your hands wet or strain your back. *140 cm telescopic handle.

  • Hightower Tripod Painting System is a Height Adjustable & Mobile Tripod with Roller Paint Bucket

    3 HighTower innovative painting a truly unique and innovative tripod and roller bucket system that is extendable in height and moveable. This allows for hassle free painting at both ground level and at a height. The all in one, quick-release roller tray and paint bucket includes a paint tool tray, roller grid and paint brush magnet. Lightweight, disposable liners are available for the roller bucket making cleanup a breeze. Full kits are available which include paint brushes, paint stirrers, paint roller and sleeves. *The HighTower Painting Tripod System is a painting system that is height adjustable with a wheeled tripod. This allows for hassle free painting at a height and at ground level. *The High Tower Painting Tripod attaches to an innovative roller paint bucket (included in this package). This paint bucket includes a roller slope, magnetic paint brush holder and a detachable tool holder. Our tripod system stands at a waist height starting position, eliminating the need for bending up and down to retrieve paint when painting in a standing position. *When ready to paint at a height, simply raise the tripod to the required height. (maximum painting height of 3 metres) Now, all your tools and paint are within easy reach reducing the need to climb up and down the ladder to retrieve more paint or tools. Hassle free painting, safer & faster painting. Less up & down ladders, tool at arms reach. No bending, no back stress! *Includes: Height Adjustable & Mobile Tripod HighTower Paint Roller Bucket With Roller Slope & Magnetic Brush Holder Handy Tool Attachment 2 x Disposable Liners 2 Inch Synthetic Paint Brush Roller Cage & Sleeve Paint Stirrer.

  • Premium 50ft/15m Xpanding Hose Pro & Solid Brass Fittings

    3 Meet our new strongest expanding garden hose with triple layer latex core & latest improved extra strength fabric protection with solid brass connector. *this xpanding hose pro will expands like magic up to 3 times it's original length and retracts by itself when you turn it off. These expanding water hoses are made to be easy to use, handle, and store away - plus, they'll never twist, tangle or kink. Additionally, they feature convenient brass fittings. (it expands up to 50ft/15m. ) *new design expandable garden hose with 8 spray pattern nozzle. Made with durable,pressure-resistant latex material, these hoses are safe for average water pressure and won't burst, leak, or break.

  • Turbo Hose Nozzle

    3 Details : Turbo Hose Nozzle Fine Mist to Jet Wash, the last garden hose nozzle you'll ever need. Un-like most garden hose nozzle's which break when dropped on the ground or burst with frost, Turbo Nozzle is constructed from re-enforced rubber and aluminium making it in-distructable to general DIY use. Turbo Nozzle generates back pressure using an internal chamber which helps increase your hose pressure to jet wash your car, gutters, windows, decking, etc. CHRISTMAS DELIVERY Important Information Christmas 2014 and New Year 2015 Period: We will be closed from the 24th of December 2014 and reopening the 5th of January 2015. But our online store doesnt stop! Place your order on

  • Casio SE-G1 Rolls x 20

    3 Thermal rolls for the Casio SE-G1 and Casio SE-S400 cash register. 20x Rolls = 20 40x Rolls = 35

  • 100ft Expandable Hose Stretches x 3 times size

    3 The amazing self-propelling, expandable xhose that expands like magic up to three times its original length when you turn it on and retracts by itself when you turn it off!! * Comes with a selection of adaptors to easily attach to your garden tap * Available in 4 sizes: 25ft = 19.99 50ft = 24.99 75ft = 34.99 100ft = 39.99

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  • H2O MOP X5 - 4 x Microfiber Pads

    3 4 x spare microfiber floor pads for the H2O Mop X5. Ultra absorbent microfiber material will keep your floors squeaky clean.

  • H2O MOP X5 - 3 x Microfiber Pads

    3 3 x spare microfiber floor pads for the H2O Mop X5. Ultra absorbent microfiber material will keep your floors squeaky clean.

  • 2 x Spin Mop Microfibre Heads Replacement Refills 360' Whizz Dy Mop

    3 2 x Spin Mop Microfibre Heads Replacement Refills 360' Whizz Dy Mop or Spinning mop. 2 x Microfiber Spin Mop Heads Super Absorbent Material Machine Washable Mop head disc diameter 16cm

  • Meto EAGLE 626 One Line Price Gun

    3 Meto EAGLE 626 One Line Price Gun Is the high range solution where quality, flexibility and customizing are valued highly. Meto 626 is the standard labelling machine for the single-line labelling. With 6 digits, this printer is able to print all prices up to 999.99 on a label 2612 mm. The Meto Eagle 626 pricing gun has one line of print containing six digits. This Meto pricing gun contains the letters A, B, C, D E, G, H, K, L, M in its character set as well as the Pound ( and ) symbol. Meto EAGLE 626 Feature: * Semi-automatic label loading * Clean & easy ink refill * Economical & efficient * New ergonomic design with comfortable Softgrip * Modern fonts * Clear and precise print * Good quality made in Germany * Ready to use Comes with: Meto 626 Eagle Pricing Gun, 1,500 White Peelable Price Labels & Instructions. Price included 23% VAT

  • 75ft/22.5m Xpanding Hose + Free 8 Settings Spray Nozzle

    3 The Expandable Hose that expands like magic up to three times its original length and retracts by itself when you turn it off!! Never Kinks, Twists or Tangles Super lightweight Expands to 75ft/22.5m (3X Times its inicial length) Automatically Contracts in Seconds Super Strong Dual Layer Construction Free Tap Adaptors Included.

  • H2O Mop Ultra Steam Cleaner ( Display )

    3 H2O Mop Ultra Steam Cleaner ( No handle ) H20 Ultra 1500W floor and carpet steam mop and handheld steamer. Features a swivel head for hard to reach areas and comes with a host of accessories. Clean carpets and floors without the use of chemicals or detergents with this 3-in-1 steam mop. *Lightweight steam mop with integrated handheld unit cleans and sanitizes *No detergents or chemicals needed; super absorbent microfiber cloth lift dirt and dry floors *A 360-degree pivoting arrow-shaped head fits into tight corners and hard-to-reach spots (Display model never used - no box) ( No floor pad )

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  • Triple Candy Machine

    3 Triple Candy Machine *3 Different compartments *Base rotates 360 degrees *Ideal for sweets, gum, candy and snacks *Each Compartment holds about 24oz of candy (3 compartments) = Holds around 72oz of sweets *Dimensions: 12.5" (Length) X 5.5" (Base Diameter) Inches

  • Red Fusion - Heat Wraps

    3 *Red Fusion neck and shoulder heat wrap. New breakthrough heat wrap for soothing warmth for sore neck and should pain. *Just snap the activation disc to trigger the natural crystal-fusion reaction and in seconds Red Fusion wrap transforms from room temperature to a comfortable 130'F degrees. *Once the activation is triggered the all natural liquid crystalizes into a soft malleable gel that shapes and conforms to your unique body contours. *This mold and hold effect helps keep the wrap right where you want it. No power cords, No greasy balms to stain your clothes. * Red Fusion is perfect for men and women of all ages. Best of all, once the wrap cools just pop it in boiling water and use it all over again.

  • Kuhn Rikon Splatter Guard Silicone Red

    3 SPLATTER GUARD SILICONE RED Our Splatter Guards are made from food safe silicone and are truly multifunctional. Originally designed to cover frying pans to keep hobs clean, they can also be used in the oven as a baking sheet, on top of a pan to steam vegetables and as a strainer. The splatter guards can also be used in the microwave. Small suitable for frying pans and woks up to 26 cm in diameter Large suitable for frying pans and woks up to 30 cm in diameter Easy to clean and store Sturdy metal-reinforced rim and handles Handles keep fingers away from heat Food-grade silicone It's a sturdy baking sheet, microwave-safe cover and strainer, too Do not use as a cutting board Microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe Oven safe to 230 C