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  • Picasso Thermal Skin Interior Vest 3mm

    3 3mm smooth skin Thermal undervest. Suitable for male or female.

    2 years ago 0 comments
  • Sporasub Mystic Black dive mask

    3 The mask is made with just two components the polycarbonate mask frame and the skirt in liquid silicone, which mechanically hold the lenses, without the use of the usual lens rings. This design limits encumbrances and reduces the inner volume of the mask. The fact that there are no lens rings also increases the visual field around the external perimeter of the lens. The protruding strap regulation teeth have been increased in order to allow for greater regulation. The buckles are made in acetylic resin in order to increase traction and flexion strain. They are tightly connected to the mask body making the face free to adapt to the shape of your face. Their rotation, downwards and upwards, has a maximum angle of about 70 The front panel, in TPR, is moulded in the mask body; however the mask can be disassembled in order to replace standard lenses with prescription lenses. Both the mask frame and the skirt have a non-reflecting satin finish. WEIGHT: 145g INTERNAL VOLUME: 130cmq

    2 years ago 4 comments
  • Picasso Comet DIve Light

    3 Small and compact torch completely made in Aluminum High performance Led - 1000 Lumen / 20 000 Lux Super concentrated focus - 10 centered spot Magnetic switch ON/OFF with battery charging level indicator - GREEN light when battery charge is more than 50%, YELLOW light when battery charge is between 50% and 20% and turning RED light when battery charge is less than 20% Picasso Exclusive new feature on the market - DUAL POWER: the power of this torch can be switched to only 50% when pushing the switch for more than 5 consecutive seconds when it is on FULL power and get back again to FULL power with another push of 5 seconds when in LOW power mode! The power choice you choose will remain in memory until you change it again. This feature is very important as inside the big majority of the caves you won't need the full power of the torch, because it will threaten the preys inside! This also helps to increase battery life, as it doubles when in LOW power mode! Rechargeable with Lithium batteries Includes 220v charger! LED: CREE XM-L LED Brightness: 1000 Lumen / 20 000 Lux Material: aluminum hard anodized Switch: ON/OFF type with charge indication and DUAL POWER feature Power supply: 1pc 18650 rechargeable battery Running Time: About 2 Hours in continuous FULL power mode Max depth: 100 meters -300 feet Weight: 160g ( without battery ) Size: 136mm x 37mm x 34.5mm

    2 years ago 1 comments
  • Picasso elastic dive belt with Stainless steel buckle

    3 rubber belt with stainless steel buckle

  • Starter Diving and snorkelling Pack

    3 The Omer Eagleray Kit is perfect for the starting freediver with a low profile mask, freediving snorkel and pair of long fins all together in a bag. If youre just starting out and dont know what you need then the Eagleray Kit is everything you need to get started. Alien Mask The Alien mask is a low profile freediving mask so you dont need to equalise it quite as often when you descend. The tectured skirt makes it easier to equalise your ears and adjust the mask to make it comfortable. Zoom Snorkel The Zoom snorkel is a traditional snorkel with a soft and flexible mouthpiece and rigid tube. Eagleray Fins The Eagleray fins are a modular fin with a soft to medium stiffness blade and thermo rubber foot pocket. The polymer blade is tough and hard wearing so popular with spearfishers, especially when diving around rocks.

    2 years ago 2 comments
  • Picasso Master DEEP Fins

    3 Black blades in medium hard Tecnopolymer Reactive, fast and powerful, are equipped with Picasso Master foot pockets and are designed for divers using more lead and therefore needing harder blades to push them to the surface!

    2 years ago 0 comments
  • Spetton Winter 3mm Spearfishing Gloves

    3 Warm and very durable gloves. One of the best options for cold water or when you want durable gloves. Reinforced and very comfortable.

    2 years ago 0 comments
  • Picasso Venus Mini Rechargeable Dive Torch

    3 Picasso Venus Mini Rechargeable Very good and high quality diving light. Fully waterproof and tested to 100 meters. Perfect for all scenarios including looking into holes crevices and night diving due to its long battery life at full power (4 hours) Features: 2600mAh 4.2 Volt Li-ion Batt Fully charged in 2.5 hours Superior hard anodized finish Compact and durable Sliding magnetic switch Light intensity 19500 Lux at full beam Beam Distance 300 m.

    2 years ago 2 comments
  • Omer Alien Go Pro Dive Mask 2019

    3 The mask is made with just two components the polycarbonate mask frame and the skirt in liquid silicone, which mechanically hold the lenses, without the use of the usual lens rings. This design limits encumbrances and reduces the inner volume of the mask. The fact that there are no lens rings also increases the visual field around the external perimeter of the lens. Features: Clear Silicone Rubber Create Reflections on Inside of Lenses from Surface Light Reflections Distracting the Hunters Focus on the Prey All Non-Transparent Silicone Rubber Skirt Super Low Volume Design Dual Tempered Glass Lenses Wide Field of Vision Skirt Mounted Buckles: Hydrodynamic Low Drag Design Extremely Lightweight Mask Double Feathered Edge Skirt Wide Split Style Silicone Rubber Mask Strap Feathered Edge Skirt and Wide Strap for Superior Seal on Face Easy-to-Reach One-Hand Nose Pocket for Ear Equalization Includes GoPro Action Camera Mount The Alien Mask is a Low volume mask

    2 years ago 0 comments
  • Epsealon Patrol Spearfishing Board Buoy

    3 Specifications: Floats 0.7mm PVC Tarpaulin ultra resistantwith PU protection all around type waterline. Swimming cushion and floor 0.7mm PVC Tarpaulinultra resistant. 2 inflation valves PRO type pneumatic boat. 2 shark fins for drift control. 2 comfort handles. 1m height mast with solide base for maintain. Speargun hanger system with auto blocker olives. Big multi purpose room in front. PVC and nylon upper skirt maintained by 9 D-rings with a big zipped pocket for small equipments. Waterproof phone case with strapped on the upper skirt. 1L water bag Type EVA with distribution tube and mouth tip, stuffed in a pocket in the upper skirt. Big stainless steel D-ring for dragging andmooring. 2 shoulder straps type backpack. Dimensions : 70x114cm. Weight: 5 kg.

    2 years ago 0 comments
  • Picasso Must Go Pro Diving Spearfishing mask

    3 Picasso Must Go pro Spearfishing mask with a go pro mount. So far this mask is getting great reviews, fits most face shapes and can fit your gopro.

    2 years ago 9 comments
  • Picasso Venus LED Torch Powerful Spot beam

    3 Very strong penetrating spot beam. 3 watt LED bulb. Waterproof up to 100 meters deep. Minimum 1 hour battery life with three AAA batteries at max power High quality dive light and waterproof.

    2 years ago 0 comments
  • neoprene glue for wetsuits

    3 Glue for wetsuit and neoprene repairs. Black. Strong.

    2 years ago 14 comments
  • Ttn Sub The Valhalla

    3 The Valhalla Custom made fins. Will be designed for you. They have a progressive action with an extra soft point gaining stiffness when you go to the footpocket. That offer a lot of power and make very easy move them when we do not need all their power. These blades are custom made so we will need to know some details about you to made them specific for you. They will be perfect for your technique with the right stiffness. You can also choose the length (the stiffness will be adapted to it) We will contact you to know all of that. You can also add a sticker with your name (+15 euros) Use to take 2-4 weeks to be done if we do not have it in stock (we use to stock models to cover the usual stiffness) PRICE IS WITH LABRAX FOOTPOCKETS INSTALLED

    2 years ago 0 comments
  • Picasso master gear bag waterproof

    3 Large waterproof bag made in Tpu coated Nylon. Manufactured with no seams by high frequency welding, making it perfectly waterproof. Ideal to carry all the fishing equipment, as long fins to fit the game! Fully gasketed, galvanized steel in all collages and without any sewing! Very tough, even if it is heavily loaded. Length: 85cm

  • DiveWeight Belt Picasso elastic with PVC buckle

    3 Belt Picasso elastic with PVC buckle

    2 years ago 2 comments
  • Fins Spetton Black Diamond

    3 New blade is designed to improve the performance with less effort, better energy consumption and effort transmision. The new Spetton blade has great balance so its a ideal for fishing. It has good response in the depth and great swimming balance. The shoe is injected over the blade to improve the effort transmsion. The blade is made of thermo-resines and is joined with a confortable shoe made of injected rubbers with shock ressitant outlines.

    2 years ago 0 comments
  • Foot pockets Pathos

    3 Footpocket Pathos Ultra elastic and very confortable footpocket. Light weight and thin horns, which allows the blade working at 100%

    2 years ago 0 comments
  • Omer Mistral Dive Computer

    3 Apnea computer equipped with all the functions of modern digital wristwatch. The dive function is activated when contact with water is made showing instantaneous depth, immersion time and water temperature. The recovery time is shown on the surface. The computer stores data from the last 200 dives.

    2 years ago 1 comments
  • Salvimar fluyd Mask

    3 White Freediving Mask

    3 years ago 2 comments
  • Labrax Spearfishing Knife

    3 Labrax Challenger Knife Needle-point blade type with one serrated side and one other sharped. Very effective for perforating. Blade material is 304 stainless steel Mountable on the belt