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Guitar Accessories
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Guitar Accessories

: All 19 listings in Kildare
CAN MEET IN DUBLIN / KILDARE Shure Wireless Guitar system. Perfect for energetic stage shows and cable free performances. Zero signal degradation. Used once and in perfect condition. Frequencies can be seen in the pics but it's in and around the
Condition: New.
Pedalboard for someone with a lot of pedals. Bought it and its just too big for me. Not used once, might as well of not opened the box it came in. Comes with a power supply that screws onto the back of the board. Gator GPT-Pro PWR, Pedal Tote, Peda
Asking price: €570

Boss effects clearout

Cry baby wah boxed missing battery cover 60 Bcb 60 missing one latch 50 Ce5 boxed 70 Tr 2 70 Mt 2 boxed 50 Os 2 50 Ac2 70 Cs 3 60 Tu 2 40 Spare 9 point daisy chain 25 boxed Will sell as set or individual as above. No swaps no silly offers thanks
Mint condition still has plastic on the display panel only used in the house
Condition: New.
New and unopened, d'addario and ernie ball guitar strings. D'addario sets 5 Ernie ball 6 Can post at cost. Have more sets not pictured, let me know if you're looking for any set in particular
Fat 50s Fat 69s snd a Seymour Duncan SSL-5 . Came on an E series strat I purchased recently but are now surplus to requirements they sound well but are a little aggressive for what I need . I have my eyes on some dallen pickups so cash on this one o
Asking price: €35

Ibanez infinity humbuckers

Two Ibanez humbuckers. In good condition INF3 and INF4 pickups 35 for the pair
Asking price: €20

Medicine bottle slides

Two coricidin bottle style guitar slides for sale. One is pyrex glass and 68mm long, the second id 73mm long and is sodalime glass , ( like the old coricidin bottles ). This one also has a small hole drilled in the base to prevent condensation bui
Powerful 18v preamp with piezo and microphone. Check out reviews online. Removed from a guitar I sold but it is in perfect working order. NO TRADES. Thanks for looking.
Bought from USA, ace style vinyl backing with a woven pattern. Great funky and different vibe. Ends have been stitched but everything is solid.
Asking price: €20

Shubb SP1 tonebar

Modified tonebar especially good for lap guitar styles, for example if you have trouble holding a bullet steel. I cut about 7mm off the back end of this steel and I didn't need the extra length for playing six string. Chrome plated over brass, good
Asking price: €100

Gibson Les Paul Hardcase

Authentic Gibson Les Paul Hardcase A few small scratches but in very good condition
Condition: New.
Tired of losing your guitar picks? Then buy yourself a Pickmaster Plectrum Punch! Pickmaster Plectrum Maker is an ingenious, sturdy piece of kit designed to solve the age old problem of the mystery of the lost plectrum. Pickmaster will keep you in
Asking price: €25

Ibanez INF4

Condition: New.
Brand new Ibanez INF4 Pickup for sale. Bridge humbucker introduced in 2005, replaced the Powersound pickups for the RG300 models (RG350DX, RG370DX, etc) Brilliant lead pickup. Warm sounding with good harmonics. I took this bridge humbucker off a bra
Asking price: €20

Gotoh Tunematic Bridge Japan

Condition: New.
Brand new in box Gotoh tunematic bridge. This one is for use with vintage style bridges with the M4 posts and comes complete with posts. It's slightly thicker than your standard tunematic which is meant to give better sustain and less rattle. The sad
Suitable for guitar or bass, suitable for the new frequency range 821 to 832 MHz and 863 to 865 MHz. Between 2-3 years old cost 700 back then. Rack mount included, in perfect working order
Asking price: €80

Boss ac-2 acoustic simulator

Guitar pedal
Asking price: €45

korg pitchblack tuner

Condition: New.
in mint condition, box + docs, quick sale wanted, cash, paypal,. bank transfer accepted, will post, 45



Guitar Accessories (19)