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Telecaster Wiring Harness with 4-way Switch Modification

Telecaster Wiring Harness with 4-way Switch Modification
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East-West Guitars 
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Ballyboden, Dublin
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Telecaster Wiring Harness with 4-way Switch Modification


Condition: New

***Reverse control harness available upon request for same price***

Fender Telecaster pre-wired control harness with 4-way switch mod.

Position 2 of the 3-way Telecaster selector switch gives you both pickups wired in parallel; this is a standard wiring, and one of the classic Telecaster tones. But what if you need a fatter sound out of your Tele? The two outside switch positions on the Tele - which select the bridge or neck pickup individually - stay basically the same. But the middle position (both pickups together) wires the pickups in series rather than parallel. This produces a thicker, meatier sound, while still retaining the recognizable characteristics of a Tele. This is not a hum-cancelling combination, but it gives the increased power of a series link.

The 4-way Tele switch will give you both sounds when you dial in the two pickups together - wired in parallel (standard wiring) and wired in series for a beefier fuller sound.

**Can be supplied with crimp connectors for solderless hook up if required**

Kit includes:
• Emerson PRO CTS Solid Shaft (audio taper/logarithmic) potentiometers (Matched)
• Oak Grigsby 4-Way Switch
• Switchcraft 1/4" Mono Input Jack with pre-wired harness using shielded braided wire enclosed with heat shrink tubing and also used on connections for strength (not pictured, see 3-way harness for better idea on location)
• Soviet Union NOS 0.047uf/47nF K42Y-2 Paper in Oil Capacitor (Tested within the ± 10% range)
• Choice of 50's Wiring (pictured) or EWG Treble Bleed/Volume Mod
• Professionally soldered using vintage push-back wire.

Switch Positions:
1. Bridge
2. Bridge & Neck in Parallel
3. Neck
4. Bridge & Neck in Series (Humbucker Type Fullness)

**Switch Tip and Control Knobs Not Included**

Terms and conditions: If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase you can return it to us within 14 days and a full refund will be provided. Buyer assumes responsibility for return postage.
Postage is at the standard rate, if you want your items sent by registered post please send me a message.
Potentiometers and other electronic soldered components must be returned in an un-used, un-soldered state and in the original packaging.

Shipping: Collection: FreeIreland: €9Europe: €14Rest of world: €15
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Telecaster Wiring Harness with 4-way Switch Modification

Telecaster Wiring Harness with 4-way Switch Modification

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9 Available
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jaymo2017 10 months ago
Hi, I'm looking for a 4 or 5 way tele switch harness with out-of-phase type sound. Do you have such a harness? J
East-West Guitars 10 months ago
@jaymo2017 Hi Jay, I can do that for you. You'd need to either use a 'Superswitch' or a push/pull pot for that function though.
jaymo2017 10 months ago
Many thanks, can you do the installation as well?
East-West Guitars 10 months ago
@jaymo2017 Sure, no problem J. You'll have to contact me direct. East-West Guitars
ATOM1969 10 months ago
Do you have the Esquire set up?
Regards, A
East-West Guitars 10 months ago
@ATOM1969 No but I can make that up for you. Which Esquire wiring scheme do you need?
Goldtopper 5 months ago
Hi there I was looking for a set of tel pickups and a full harness (no solder (just drop in and plug together) is that possible?
East-West Guitars 5 months ago
@Goldtopper: Yeah I can do that, I have quick connectors for use with a crimper or the end of a pliers to make the connections. I'll have to check in the morning if I have a set of Tele pickups in stock for you though. I sell Entwistle pickups if they'd work for your project?
Goldtopper 5 months ago
Great thank you.
East-West Guitars 5 months ago
@Goldtopper: You're in luck. I have one set left in stock.
Goldtopper 5 months ago
Ok so what’s your best price for the two pickup set and full harness please? I would need them posted to Wicklow. Thanks
East-West Guitars 5 months ago
@Goldtopper The same prices as stated. The postage on the harness will cover the postage of the pickup set so you can mark those for collection when purchasing.
Goldtopper 5 months ago
Can I just confirm that the link you sent earlier for for a pair (neck and bridge) ie if I purchase from that link I do get both?
East-West Guitars 5 months ago
@Goldtopper there are two links. One for the bridge and one for the neck.
sauv 5 months ago
Hi, looking for a 4-way harness with the treble bleed mod - what's the lead time? Thanks
jaymo2017 5 months ago
Hi, I'm looking to see if you can do a telecaster 4-way switch harness with the following positions:
1 bridge
2 bridge and neck in series out of phase
3 bridge and neck parallel
4 neck
East-West Guitars 5 months ago
@jaymo2017: Hi, yes I can do that for you. It wouldn't be the same price as this one though. You'd be better off contacting me direct about your custom harness at East-West Guitars
East-West Guitars 5 months ago
@sauv: Hi, I can make them up usually within 1-2 days. If you purchased tomorrow I can get it in the post for you on Thursday afternoon
TheGeronimo322 4 weeks ago
Is this still available?
East-West Guitars 4 weeks ago
@TheGeronimo322: Yeah, they're made to order upon purchase

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