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Pacini Pro 200 Mig + Mig 295 Welders

Pacini Pro 200 Mig + Mig 295 Welders
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Pacini Pro 200 Mig + Mig 295 Welders


Condition: New

Pacini Pro 200 MIG Welder - MIG201 (Pics 1-6)

€359 incl. VAT

**3 Year Warranty**

- MIG/MAG adjustable between 40-200 A.
- MMA adjustable between 40-200 A.

DC welding machine
- For non-alloyed and low alloy steels, stainless steel, copper, brass and so on.
- Not for light metals, e.g. Aluminum suitable (no AC).

Gas cooled
Hose package gas – air cooled.

ST-Guard housing robust and reliable:
- Shock-proof
- Robust steel-sheet housing
- Hard plastic casing protects against damage
- High ED (duty cycle) by intelligent fan control
- Intelligent housing design with optimized airflow

Ease of use
- Modern housing shape
- The control panel is clear and ergonomic at the front
- All settings are comfortable, accessible and easier to operate
- Comfortable setting of the welding parameters via function selection and control dial
- Ergonomically arranged operating elements allow for high-quality welding processes and lead to an optimal working results

MMA / ARC-Stick electrodes Hand welding

The great advantage of electric welding is that the materials do not have to be preheated and can be welded directly to the desired positions. It is also possible to connect workpieces of different thickness without problems. For example, a 10 x 10 mm square steel can be welded with a 3 mm sheet. In practice, such connections are constantly present, for example in the construction of a railing, in the manufacture of a fence or in the repair of agricultural machines, where heavy U-shaped profiles are often welded with thinner parts. The widest field of application of electrode welders is, of course, in industry, in the craft sector, in DIY and construction.

Takes 0.5kg and 5kg rolls of wire.


Pacini Pro MIG 295 Welder - MIG295 (Pics 7-15)

€699 incl. VAT

** 3 year warranty**

Welding device for daily mobile use.
MIG (GMAW) welding with shielding gas and electrode.

Adjustable functions and important device elements:

MIG / MAG welding machines are used for metal arc welding, in which a protective or mixed gas protects the weld against the harmful effects of oxidation. A high working speed, low warpage and clean seams, which only require minor rework, make MIGMAG welding machines particularly efficient and economically profitable.

Automatic wire feed speed. During MIG / MAG welding, the wire electrode is automatically unwound from the spool and pushed by a wire feed unit through a several meter-long hose packages to the power contact tube in the torch.

IGBT Technology for all our ST models we rely on the powerful IGBT transistors, which are used in the power engineering of our ST devices. The advantages are high blocking voltage and robustness.

MIG/MAG - power section has a stepless adjustable throttle (Inductance). This choke smoothes the welding current and changes the current rise rate to improve weld quality and precision...

MMA/ARC-Stick Electrode welding can be used under almost all conditions and therefore MMA welding can be described as a universal process in the welding industry.

Anti-Stick-function prevents sticking of the stick electrode.
In the case of a sticking of the electrode to the workpiece, the welding current is switched off.

Hotstart – automatic voltage increase at start-up for better welding results.

Smart Cooling
Fast cooling fan allows maximum power consumption and increases the operating time (ED) of the unit.

Overheating - Control (O.C. - Overheating Control).
Overheat protection starts as soon as the unit is overloaded. A yellow indicator light turns on and goes out as soon as the unit has cooled down again.

The welding machine is connected directly to the single-phase alternating current (AC) 230V (+ -15%), 50/60 Hz operation.

ST-Guard-Housing is ergonomic, robust and operationally reliable:
- Sturdy sheet steel housing, - Shock-proof, - Hard plastic formwork,
- Control panel conveniently accessible and easier to operate, - Intelligent fan guide.

Excellent quality due to fully digital inverter technology

The welding machine MIG 295 IGBT has the most advanced inverter technology IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor). The resultant special features such as high speed and precision of the control give the devices their excellent quality in welding and cutting.

-Output current: 45-295 A
-Duty Cycle: 80 % at 290 A / 100 % at 263 A
-Protection type: IP21
-Insulation class: F
-Power supply: 230v Single Phase
-Frequency: 50/60 Hz
-Maximal power input: 41,7 A
-Actual power input: 32,3 A

If you would like to purchase these items you can find them here :

You can also contact us by phone : 01 257 21 71

Or in shop :
Irish Garage Equipment
Greenogue Business Park, Unit K10 Greenogue, Co. Dublin, D24 T026

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Pacini Pro 200 Mig + Mig 295 Welders

Pacini Pro 200 Mig + Mig 295 Welders

€359.00 Buy Now
10 Available
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krezalek82 10 months ago
Hi there,is this offer still available?
Irish Garage Equipment 10 months ago
@krezalek82: Yes and here are links to them on our own website:- &
krezalek82 10 months ago
I have already Pacini tig AC/DC. 200amps, does the job I guess for small things. Is the price for this MIG as it says on the add or its without the VAT?
Irish Garage Equipment 10 months ago
@krezalek82: The 200 Mig is €251 including VAT and the 295 Mig is €468 including VAT at present, if you require a VAT invoice please order direct through our website.
mikeyboo 2 months ago
Any good for welding trailers h iron etc..
Irish Garage Equipment 2 months ago
@mikeyboo: Our Arc Welders would be suitable, here is a link to them on our website:- .
mikeyboo 2 months ago
Perfect looking for a around to cover likes of 5mill mild steel etc, and likes of light body panels for repairs, so arc welder might be best way forward
Lexas 4 weeks ago
Do you have Pacini Pro MIG 295 in stock in your shop?
Irish Garage Equipment 3 weeks ago
@Lexas: Yes we do.

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