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  • Triton Planer/Thicknesser 1100W 317mm

    3 High-performance thicknesser with 317mm /12-1/2" cutting width. 17,500 cuts per minute. Easy, accurate setting of depth of cut in 1.6mm / 1/16" increments. Cutter height: 3.2 - 152mm. 4-post column design for smooth, accurate vertical movement. Large infeed and outfeed tables for added material support. Circuit breaker for electrical safety. Dust chute for efficient dust extraction. Technical Specification: Blade Type: HSS blades Cuts Per Minute:17,500cpm Micro Adjustment:1.6mm Increments No Load Speed:8,750rpm Planing Depth:2.4mm Planing Width: 317mm Power: 1100W Product Height:490mm Product Length:590mm Product Weight:28.3kg Product Width:370mm Sound Power LW:103.9dB Sound Pressure LP: 90.9dB Table Size: 317 x 600mm

  • Silverline 350W Bench Belt & Disc Sander 390mm

    3 Bench-mounted combined belt sander and 150mm disc sander. Long-life induction motor with sealed bearings. Double dust extraction ports. Dual-position, multi-angle table with mitre guide. Belt sander tilt angle can be adjusted 0 - 90. Dust-protected sealed switch and rubber-coated mounting feet. Suitable for general sanding of various materials including metal, wood and plastic. 915 x 100mm sanding belt with 390mm length belt surface. No load speed: 1450rpm (disc sander), 5 m/s (belt sander). Supplied with 80-grit belt, 80-grit hook-and-loop sanding sheet, multi-angle table and mitre guide.

  • 26 piece router bit set w/ Wooden Case

    3 Find a whole workshop in practical 26 piece router bit sets! With a wide selection of the most demanded tools, these sets include straight bits, flush trim bits, dovetail bits, cove bits, ogee bits and many more. You will have an endless choice to express your creativity! Ideal for master craftsmen, these sets are available from 6mm (15/64") to 8mm (5/16") shank diametres.

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    2 weeks ago 5 comments
  • Triton 300w Oscillating Multi-Tool w/Accessories

    3 Includes dust extraction collar, auxiliary handle, 25 x sanding sheets, 2 x scraper blades, 3 x saw blades, 1 x rasp sanding pad, 1 x carbide blade, 1 x hook and loop sanding pad, accessory holder and carry bag. 3 Year Warranty* Versatile and powerful 300W oscillating multi tool that cuts, sands, scrapes, grinds, rasps and polishes. Delivers high-performance sawing without a rotating blade. Compact, precision motor with superior performance. Side-mounted, removable auxiliary handle and ergonomic rubber-over-moulded grips reduce vibration and fatigue. Long 2m power cable extends reach for optimal maneuverability. Quick-change, keyless accessory mounting. Dual sided LED worklights. Removable dust collar for connection to dust extraction system. Variable speed 11,000 - 21,000 oscillations per minute. *To activate the extended 3 year guarantee you must register the product on the triton-tools site within 30 days of purchase. Should you not wish to register, a standard 30 day guarantee period will apply.

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    2 weeks ago 8 comments
  • Triton 120W Whetstone Sharpener

    3 Whetstone sharpener with high-grade, pre-dressed 220 grit grindstone. Water-cooled slow speed ensures the edge does not overheat and lose sharpness. Easy to shape and sharpen a blade exactly to your needs. Leather honing wheel with honing compound for a polished, razor-sharp edge. Induction motor for long-lasting, smooth performance. Includes support arm, Grinding Angle Set-Up Jig, Straight Edge Jig and stone grader. Technical Specification: Bore Diameter: 12mm Honing Wheel Size: 230 x 30mm Power: 120W Product Height: 370mm Product Length: 340mm Product Weight: 14.9kg Product Width: 270mm Sharpening Stone: 250 x 50mm Wheel Speed: 125rpm Product Features: Smooth 120W /1A induction motor provides quiet & efficient operation High-grade 220 grit grindstone sharpens steel edges efficiently & reliably Water trough keeps the stone wet & the grinding surface cool, preventing overheating Leather honing wheel for a razor-sharp, polished edge Horizontal mounts for support arms maintain the correct angle for honing the blade Vertical mounts for support arm for perfect positioning of the blade for sharpening Rubber feet keep the machine steady & minimise vibration Support arm & straight edge jig maintain correct sharpening angle Grinding angle set-up jig for measuring & setting exact blade bevel Stone grader dresses the stone for fine or coarse grinding

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    2 weeks ago 6 comments
  • Silverline 2400W Angle Grinder 230mm

    3 Powerful 2400W motor with soft start. Rotating main handle for optimal handling for both cutting and grinding. 2-position auxiliary handle. Soft-grip for low vibration and comfort. Easy access brush covers. For grinding and cutting metal, stone and concrete. Use with wire cup brushes and wheels for rapid removal of rust and corrosion. Includes grinding and cutting guards, and pin spanner.

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    2 weeks ago 4 comments
  • Silverline 8 Inch Band Saw

    3 Built from aluminium this is powerful DIY bandsaw with a 350W induction motor. Max cutting depth is 80mm and it's max cutting width is 190mm. The bandsaw table size is 290 x 290mm. Table tilts to 45. Supplied with the 6tpi blade. 220-240 volt 350 Watt 13 Amp Plug Voltage:230V~ Frequency:50Hz Motor:350W No load speed: 1450min-1 Throat depth: 190mm Saw blade length: 1425mm Cutting capacity: 80mm Sound pressure: 86.3dB(A) Sound power: 99.3dB(A) Uncertainty: 3dB(A)

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    2 weeks ago 1 comments
  • Silverline DIY 350W Drill Press

    3 5-speed belt drive. Chuck/spindle travel 0-50mm with gauge for accurate drilling. Strong cast base and machine table. 13mm keyed chuck capacity.

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    2 weeks ago 0 comments
  • Silverline 420W Drum Sander 60mm

    3 Adjustable 0-45 arm angle and quick-fit mechanism for easy tool-free fitting of accessories. Fast effective sanding on a wide range of surfaces. 1900 - 4000rpm variable speed and rocker power switch for easy handling. Drum guard and angled handle. Uses shape-adjusting flap wheels or sanding sleeves mounted on a rigid drum. Includes dust port adaptor, sanding sleeve drum, 80 grit sanding sleeve, 15mm and 60mm flap wheels.

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  • Car Polisher & Sander + 3 Pads

    3 This dual-purpose power tool is ideal for polishing and buffing car bodywork and for sanding tasks. Speed control is through a dial-in speed control and the trigger to maintain an even rpm rate. It has a soft-start trigger and a large handle for control. Comes with a rubber backing pad (Velcro) and a lambswool drawstring bonnet for final polishing and buffing of metal or paintwork. Includes 3 additional polishing sponges. Register polisher sander online within 1 month of purchase for 3 year extended warranty.

  • 750W Pendulum Action Jigsaw with Laser Guide

    3 3 Year Guarantee with all power tools Magnesium construction for unrivalled strength, durability and lightness in weight. Laser line generator for improved operator cutting vision, accuracy, fast set-up and increased safety. Powerful 750W motor with pendulum action provides ample cutting power, with variable speed for total control of the cut in different materials. Tool-free blade change with universal T shank bayonet fitting. Bevel range: 0 to 45; Cutting capacity: wood 100mm; steel 8mm. Includes parallel fence, dust port adaptor, 2 x 6tpi wood cutting blades and durable blow-moulded case.

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    2 weeks ago 0 comments
  • GMC 550W Auto-Feed Drywall Screwdriver

    3 3 Year Guarantee! Auto-feed driver for fast, repeated driving of screws into plasterboard/drywall and wood. Fast click-fit assembly. Can be used as a powered single screwdriver with depth stop. 0-5500rpm trigger control with speed limiter dial and forward/reverse operation. Suitable for collated 25 - 50mm screw belts with 3.9-4.2mm heads. 1/4" drive with pressure clutch for safer operation. 14Nm torque. Accessories include depth-stop collar, 2 x screw belts and blow-moulded case. Compatible with Makita collated screw belts.

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    2 weeks ago 2 comments
  • Silverline 1050W Angle Grinder (3 Year Guarantee)

    3 Powerful 1050W motor for grinding and cutting metals, stone and concrete. Also compatible with wire cup brushes and flap discs for rapid removal of rust, corrosion and surface coatings. Traditional grip design for increased control and comfort even for extended periods of use. Multi-position auxiliary handle. No load speed 11,000rpm. Includes grinding and cutting guards, pin spanner and auxiliary handle.

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    2 weeks ago 0 comments
  • Double Mini Pocket-Hole Jig Set 8pce

    3 Strong nylon body in a compact design. For drilling pocket holes in wood for repeated use in joinery work, such as panel fixing, corners and mitre joints. Features hardened steel drill guide and optional securing holes in the guide and jig. For use with materials from 12mm (1/2"). Includes mini jig, step drill bit, collar and key, square drive bit, and starter kit.

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    2 weeks ago 2 comments
  • Industrial Routing System

    3 CMT has turned the Industrial routing system into a great tool with new accessories such as phenolic insert, integral aluminium scales and an improved fence. Also, you will find some new optional features, such as a rugged moulded featherboard and a new mitre gauge. The system includes: 999.501.09 Unique phenol top with new insert plate Now featuring a 298x374mm (11-3/4x14-3/4) insert plate, the top is milled from 12mm (15/32) thick phenol. Sturdy and very enduring material, phenol is much more resistant to warping than melamine. The top also features new aluminium scales on both ends to set the fence quickly and properly. Easy fast bit change No need to remove the router or fumble beneath the table top to change the bits. CMTs useful bent wrench allows you to replace the bits from above quickly and easily. 15 kg. shipping weight. 999.501.10 Pivoting, zero-clearance fence with new clamping system Our extruded aluminium fence can be used as conventional locked-in-place fence or as a pivoting fence. New, quick-adjusting clamps on both ends of the fence make adjustments a breeze, especially when used in conjunction with the aluminium scales that weve added to the table top. The fence also includes a sub-fence of high-density white plastic for an ultra smooth feeding surface, with a replaceable centre section to create zero-clearance inserts. 8,5 kg shipping weight. 999.501.03 Sturdy melamine cabinet This sturdy 20mm-thick (25/32) melamine cabinet is easy to assembly with posts and cross dowels. Also, it includes a double-door storage area to keep bits, wrenches and more tools safe and dust-free. 32,5 kg. shipping weight. Router table dimensions: 79x59x(H)93cm (27"x20-1/2"x35-13/16" high). 55 kg. weight.

  • Triton 650W Portable Oscillating Spindle Sander

    3 3 Year Warranty*. Includes sander, 4 x sanding drums, 4 x sanding sleeves, dust port adaptor, inversion kit, and adjustable edge guide. Portable, hand-held oscillating spindle sander for controlled, burn-free edge sanding for cabinetry, sign making, sink openings, and woodworking. Dual-action rotating and vertical oscillation for fast sanding and improved work rate. Lightweight and powerful, with a 650W motor that operates at a variable speed 1800 - 3200 rpm and oscillates at 50 - 90opm. Dust extraction port with removable adaptor for work with a dust extraction system. Adjustable edge guide for controlled material removal. Bench-mounted inversion kit with non-slip bench mat and adjustable clamps for versatile sanding. Quick-change rubber sanding drums and sanding sleeves in sizes 13, 19, 26 and 38mm. *To activate the extended 3 year guarantee you must register the product on the triton-tools site within 30 days of purchase. Should you not wish to register, a standard 30 day guarantee period will apply.

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  • Edge Banding End Trimmer

    3 An indispensable tool for easy and safe end trimming after edge banding. Position the tool on the banding, press down on the handle to operate the blade in a shearing action. The cutting knives are interchangeable, so when the cutting knife becomes dull, you can simply replace it with the anvil knife for a double lifetime. For cutting banding up to 0,5mm (1/64") thick with a maximum cutting width of 54mm (2-1/8").

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    2 weeks ago 7 comments
  • 5 Piece Forstner Bit Set

    3 We offer a wide range of Forstner bits in the most popular diametres. These bits are available separately or in beautiful wooden sets. The high performance stagger tooth design on the bits with larger diametres allows for sharp holes with straight sides and flat bottoms. Bits available for drill presses, electric and cordless drills and suitable to work on any type of softwood. Bits available with the following diameters: 15-20-25-30-35mm.

  • Custom Made Tooling For All Woodworking Machinery

    3 J.Jackson tools create solutions to fulfil the unique needs of all of our customers. The majority of our business stems from Diamond and insert knife custom tools, and for over four decades we have accommodated a variety of specific manufacturing requests. We understand our industry and the precise specifications of tools needed by our customers. Please contact us to discuss specific manufacturing and how we can help customize all of your tooling needs.

  • Silverline DIY Router Table with Protractor

    3 Bench-mounted table which combines with a standard router to create a full-featured router table. Capable of shaping, planing, rebating, trenching, moulding, jointing and grooving. Easy tool-free configuration plus length and angle measurement scales. Includes protractor, non-latching switchbox, router trigger clamp, main fence, adjustable output fence, safety guard, 2 x vertical featherboards, horizontal featherboard, cast aluminium table, 2 x table extensions and dust extraction port. Includes full instructions and fittings pack for easy assembly. Suitable for 900-1800W routers with a base diameter of 155mm (6") or less. Fitted with UK 13A mains plug and socket.

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    2 weeks ago 2 comments
  • Top-Quality Panel Saw Blades (CHROME)

    3 Find this blade and more, over on our new webstore: Industrial low noise & chrome coated circular saw blades with TCG Grind. Designed for professional woodworkers who require a high precision and durability from their saw blades. Special chrome carbide reduces tooth abrasion, whereas the chrome plated body protects against rust, corrosion and guarantees long-lasting performance. TECHNICAL DETAILS OF CARBIDE TEETH: -Teeth height mm:8 -CHROMIUM ISO-grade:KCR05 -Hardness (HV10):2.150 -Transverse rupture strength (N/mm2):2.500 300 x 96T x 30mm Bore. Triple Chip tooth. Application: for sizing cuts, perfect finishing by using scoring blades. Machines: table saws, horizontal and vertical sizing machines. Material: single or double-sided plastic-laminated panels. Price: 77.24 (Incl VAT) Delivery to any Ireland or N.Ireland address is 8. Please any questions in the comments section below.

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    2 weeks ago 35 comments