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  • SuperJaws XXL Portable Clamping System

    3 Robust, powder-coated, all-steel construction for long-lasting service life. Powerful 1000kg clamping force for controlled clamping pressure. Clamping range 0-1000mm / 0-39". Foot-operated clamping allows hands-free operation. Extra-wide tripod base maximises stability for large workpieces. 3 YEAR WARRANTY

  • Silverline 350W Bench Belt & Disc Sander 390mm

    3 Bench-mounted combined belt sander and 150mm disc sander. Long-life induction motor with sealed bearings. Double dust extraction ports. Dual-position, multi-angle table with mitre guide. Belt sander tilt angle can be adjusted 0 - 90. Dust-protected sealed switch and rubber-coated mounting feet. Suitable for general sanding of various materials including metal, wood and plastic. 915 x 100mm sanding belt with 390mm length belt surface. No load speed: 1450rpm (disc sander), 5 m/s (belt sander). Supplied with 80-grit belt, 80-grit hook-and-loop sanding sheet, multi-angle table and mitre guide.

  • Triton SuperJaws Portable Clamping System

    3 3 Year Warranty Robust, powder-coated, all-steel construction for long-lasting service life. Powerful 1000kg clamping force for controlled clamping pressure. Clamping range 0-955mm / 0-37 1/2". Foot-operated clamping allows hands-free operation. Extra-wide tripod base maximises stability for large workpieces Product Features: Reversible sliding jaws allow extra-wide 955mm / 37 1/2" clamping width capacity Urethane jaw facings provide protective, slip-resistant grip Foot-operated clamping frees hands for full control of the job Improved frame and leg design allows setting up and folding down in seconds Stand-alone design allows 360 access to the work Tripod base for stability and safe operation on uneven surfaces Lock / release switch allows fast, trouble-free release of the jaws Quick release legs for safe and quick assembly Powerful 1000kg clamping force & 200kg capacity

  • GMC Wet Stone Cutter w/ Two Marble Cutting Diamond Blades

    3 Laying a patio? Demolishing a wall or building a house? Or do you just enjoy the feeling of controlled, precise power at your fingertips? You need the GMC1250 Wet Stone Cutter - a heavy-duty, hand-held circular saw for lubricated cutting of stone, marble, granite and ceramics, including blocks and tiles. Driven by a powerful 1250 W motor, the 110 mm cutting blade reaches a maximum no load speed of 13,800 rpm to slice through hard materials while maintaining smoothness and precision of cut. For levels of performance, the GMC1250 features an integrated water feed, allowing cooling of the blade during use. Not only does wet cutting cool and lubricate both the blade and the workpiece to prevent cracking and improve precision, it also extends the working life of the blade by reducing friction and wear, as well as drastically reducing dust for a cleaner, safer working area. The corrosion-resistant, all-metal base provides strength and sturdiness at the core of the machine, which is easily controlled and highly manoeuvrable, thanks to the rightly-positioned handles. The depth of cut is easily adjustable - thanks to the easily accessible wing nut - to provide tailored results depending on the application. Features also include a lock-on switch for continued use and a blade guard to protect against damage and injury. Compatible with any 110 mm diamond blade suitable for wet cutting. Supplied with cooling system setup, including valve, outlet, connector and hose, as well as a pair of replacement carbon brushes.

  • 1020W Plunge Router 1/4"

    3 3 YEAR WARRANTY Classic router design with angled handles for optimised hand control and vertical pressure. Combined circular and flat-sided compact base. Top-mounted 11,500 - 34,000rpm variable speed control. 40mm plunge depth with height scale and depth lock. Turret stop with 3 height-adjustable steps. Dust port for easy connection to dust extraction system or vacuum cleaner. Includes 8mm and 1/4" collets, parallel and circle guides, guide bush plate and collet spanner.

  • 120W Multi Grinder 75mm

    3 3 Year Guarantee Versatile mini grinder and polisher with handy flexible drive shaft grinding attachment. Complete with fine (80 grit) grinding stone and polishing wheel. Adjustable eye protection shields, spark deflectors, wheel guards and tools rests.

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  • Triton 200W Orbital Palm Sander w/ Carry Case

    3 3 Year Guarantee! Powerful 200W orbital sander with 1/4 sheet sanding pad. Ideal for finishing tasks on a variety of materials. Lightweight single handed design. Ergonomic, vibration-reducing rubber over-moulded grip provides maximum comfort and versatility with minimal effort. Features both clamp and hook and loop type sanding sheet attachment systems. No load speed 12,000rpm. Includes soft carry case, dust collection canister, 3 x sanding sheets and a sanding sheet punch plate.

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  • 450W Tile Cutter with Diamond Blade

    3 3 Year Guarantee Precise and fast cutting of ceramic tiles. Water reservoir cools, cleans and lubricates the diamond blade for improved results. Full length fence and 45 mitre guide. Disc size 180 x 2.2mm and 2950rpm. Max. cutting depth 34mm. Table size 360 x 330mm with bevel cut angle range of 0-45. Box Contents: 1 x Tile Cutter 1 x Diamond blade 1 x Blade Guard 1 x Water Tub 1 x Instruction Manual No Load Speed:2950rpm Product Weight:7.6kg

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  • 18V Combi Hammer Drill

    3 3 Year Guarantee Combi hammer drill with intelligent charger and 1.3Ah Li-ion battery. 10mm keyless double sleeve chuck. 16+2 torque settings and reverse. Rubber over-moulded grips. Electric brake. Handy LED work light. No load speed 0-400/0-1450rpm. Max drilling in wood 20mm, masonry 10mm, steel 8mm. Max torque 30Nm. Charging time 3-5hrs. Includes battery, battery charger and charger PSU.

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  • Triton 300w Oscillating Multi-Tool w/Accessories

    3 Includes dust extraction collar, auxiliary handle, 25 x sanding sheets, 2 x scraper blades, 3 x saw blades, 1 x rasp sanding pad, 1 x carbide blade, 1 x hook and loop sanding pad, accessory holder and carry bag. 3 Year Warranty* Versatile and powerful 300W oscillating multi tool that cuts, sands, scrapes, grinds, rasps and polishes. Delivers high-performance sawing without a rotating blade. Compact, precision motor with superior performance. Side-mounted, removable auxiliary handle and ergonomic rubber-over-moulded grips reduce vibration and fatigue. Long 2m power cable extends reach for optimal maneuverability. Quick-change, keyless accessory mounting. Dual sided LED worklights. Removable dust collar for connection to dust extraction system. Variable speed 11,000 - 21,000 oscillations per minute. *To activate the extended 3 year guarantee you must register the product on the triton-tools site within 30 days of purchase. Should you not wish to register, a standard 30 day guarantee period will apply.

  • 1400W Pressure Washer 105bar

    3 3 YEAR WARRANTY High power compact pressure washer with air-cooled induction motor for reliability and energy efficiency. Auto stop/start feature automatically activates and deactivates the high pressure cleaner every time the trigger is operated. Lance features variable high/low pressure nozzle and detergent dispenser nozzle. Integral lance holder and power cord holder, 5m high pressure hose and 5m power cable.

  • Triton 120W Whetstone Sharpener

    3 Whetstone sharpener with high-grade, pre-dressed 220 grit grindstone. Water-cooled slow speed ensures the edge does not overheat and lose sharpness. Easy to shape and sharpen a blade exactly to your needs. Leather honing wheel with honing compound for a polished, razor-sharp edge. Induction motor for long-lasting, smooth performance. Includes support arm, Grinding Angle Set-Up Jig, Straight Edge Jig and stone grader. Technical Specification: Bore Diameter: 12mm Honing Wheel Size: 230 x 30mm Power: 120W Product Height: 370mm Product Length: 340mm Product Weight: 14.9kg Product Width: 270mm Sharpening Stone: 250 x 50mm Wheel Speed: 125rpm Product Features: Smooth 120W /1A induction motor provides quiet & efficient operation High-grade 220 grit grindstone sharpens steel edges efficiently & reliably Water trough keeps the stone wet & the grinding surface cool, preventing overheating Leather honing wheel for a razor-sharp, polished edge Horizontal mounts for support arms maintain the correct angle for honing the blade Vertical mounts for support arm for perfect positioning of the blade for sharpening Rubber feet keep the machine steady & minimise vibration Support arm & straight edge jig maintain correct sharpening angle Grinding angle set-up jig for measuring & setting exact blade bevel Stone grader dresses the stone for fine or coarse grinding

  • Edge Banding End Trimmer

    3 An indispensable tool for easy and safe end trimming after edge banding. Position the tool on the banding, press down on the handle to operate the blade in a shearing action. The cutting knives are interchangeable, so when the cutting knife becomes dull, you can simply replace it with the anvil knife for a double lifetime. For cutting banding up to 0,5mm (1/64") thick with a maximum cutting width of 54mm (2-1/8").

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  • CMT Kinetic Dust Extractor for CNC Router

    3 CMT Part Number: 992.101.EOC25 Kinetic Dust Extractor D=100 Rh For Chuck Clamps din6388 Install & remove as a clamping nut - improves your CNC Router dust extraction: - Health & Safety Improvement - Tool Performance & Cut Quality - Tool Life & Labor Costs - Recommended for Nesting and Routing operations - No wasted time during work process - Replaces the standard clamping nut - Suitable for any collet chucks with standard router bits - Available for ER32 - ER40 - ECO25 (DIN6388) collets - The thick ceramic coat gives to KDE an anti- corrosion, anti-friction and anti-static surface. - Tool body in light alloy - Better air quality - Light and noiseless - Good performances even at low rpm: from 6,000 up to 20,000 rpm - Material: chipboard, coated chipboard, MDF, Corian?, Plasterboard, OSB, HPL Options: (All versions are the same price) 992.101.EOC25 D=100 RH FOR CHUCK CLAMPS EOC25 992.101.ER32D=100 RH FOR CHUCK CLAMPS ER32 992.101.ER40 D=100 RH FOR CHUCK CLAMPS ER40

  • High-quality Multi-purpose Hole Saws

    3 TECHNICAL FEATURES: -Perfect round back plate. -Fast & easy center drill change. -Large chip clearance slots. Long lasting construction grade carbide Cutting teeth are made of a special formulated construction grade carbide which provides a longer cutting life. Secured tooth technology As a result of the latest technology, teeth are secured to prevent any breakage during impact with hard materials. Sizes & Pricing: DHZOrder No. Price 19521550-019 26.75 20521550-020 26.75 22521550-022 26.75 25521550-025 26.75 29521550-029 28.54 30521550-030 28.54 32521550-032 28.54 35521550-035 31.24 38522550-038 31.24 40522550-040 34.44 44522550-044 38.38 51523550-051 39.24 52523550-052 39.24 54523550-054 46.49 56523550-056 46.68 57523550-057 46.68 60523550-060 46.68 64523550-064 50.18 65523550-065 50.18 68523550-068 51.60 70523550-070 51.60 73523550-073 51.60 76523550-076 53.63 79523550-079 57.01 80523550-080 57.01 82523550-082 57.01 83523550-083 57.87 89523550-089 57.87 92523550-092 66.79 102525550-102 80.44 105525550-105 83.03 108525550-108 96.12 111525550-111 116.85

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  • High-Quality Flush Trim CMT Router Bits

    3 We have designed a series of truly indispensable bits available in a wide range of sizes for your woodworking needs and your most difficult projects. For precision work on laminates or quick template work with excellent finishing. Shop tips: These bits are excellent for making through mortise. Use a straight bit (711.130.11) to groove the area to make the through mortise. With a drill bit (517.130.31) bore a hole through the wood at one end of the groove. Turn the workpiece over to finish the mortise. Use a flush trim bit with a cutting length slightly longer than the fillet, following the groove made on the opposite side of the workpiece with the ball bearing guide. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us here.

  • Double Edge Trimmer for Edgebanding Boards

    3 Attach this trimmer to your workpiece, press both ends against the board for a cutting range between 13mm (1/2") and 25mm (1"), move the trimmer in the correct direction indicated by the arrow. This will cut on both sides easily. The first cutter will cut straight, the second one can be adjusted for a chamfer cut. Both cutters are made from high-quality hardened steel and can be easily replaced when worn out Suitable for up to 0.6mm edging

  • Cmt 300w Oscillating Multi Tool

    3 Brand new. Price incl VAT. CMT11 Multitool is a tough new oscillating tool that takes a variety of blades or attachments for sanding and cutting a wide variety of materials. Multitools are one of the most useful of all power tools. With the different attachments they can cut, sand, grind, polish and shape a huge variety of materials.Tradespeople find them indispensable. Sutable for: Grinding, Sawing, Joint Opening, Plastic Cutting, Carpet Removal, Plunge Cutting, Wood Cutting, Cutting, Laminate/Parquet sheets, Tube length Timming, Nail Cutting. Supplied in a tough plastic case with: 1 x Oscillating Multi-Tool 1 x Handle 1 x Vacuum Hose 1 x Manual

  • CMT Blade & Bit Cleaner (Spray Bottle 500ml)

    3 Finally a safe, environmentally-friendly cleaner that is more effective than all those hazardous chemicals used for cleaning cutting tools. Saw shops know how to get the most out of cutting tools. They know that the pitch and resin left by wood on tools greatly shortens the useful life of carbide. Therefore we asked many blade sharpeners to test Formula 2050 and they rated it as an excellent product. Most blade and bit cleaning products work with dissolving action, but it takes some power and nasty chemicals to dissolve wood residues and adhesives. CMT's non-toxic and safe Formula 2050 penetrates the microscopic cracks in the resin and attacks the bond between carbide or steel surfaces and the resin itself. Formula 2050 keeps your tools clean and helps you increase the lifespan between sharpening and replacement. -Removes pitch, resin and adhesive residue from all woodworking cutting tools (saw blades, router bits, drill bits, shaper cutters, planer blades, etc.). -Completely non-toxic, non-flammable and certified biodegradable. Formula 2050 is a safe, earth-friendly product. -Do not rinse after cleaning. Formula 2050 provides protection from rust and corrosion. Keeps your table saw top rust free too! -Can be applied by spray bottle or used in ultrasonic cleaners and dip tanks. This product received a five-star performance rating from "Wood Magazine".

  • Digital Angle Finder

    3 This digital angle finder is a multi-functional tool for many measuring applications. Easy to operate the base unit carries the electronics giving a very clear detailed LCD display as well as a pair of levelling vials and a pivoting measuring arm. When the arm is extended the angle it makes with the base is indicated clearly on digital read-out to the nearest 0,05. The measuring range is 0 - 360. The vials allow variations from the vertical and the horizontal to be accurately measured. Other features include a lock function to prevent the last measurement being lost, a low battery indicator and automatic shut off function. Being robust but light in weight this is a very well thought out tool with a lot of uses. Instructions included. TECHNICAL DETAILS: -Battery voltage/type: 3 volt, litio, 2000 hours. -Dimensions: 265x50x25/37mm (10" x 2" x 1/1-29/64"). -Range: 0-360. -Resolution: 0.05.

  • Adjustable Precision Router Dado Jig

    3 The perfect tool for crafting grooves, dadoes, and joints. Easy to use and fully adjustable. You can create dadoes of any size using the same router by simply increasing the number of passes you make. Sturdy construction built to last. Smooth rolling steel rollers are ideal for easy maneuverability and stress-free handling. Compatible with almost any portable router equipped with 30mm bushings or by using the Bushing Template Guides included(bore baseplate sold separately). Guarantees clean precise dadoes.