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  • Photo Bag FreePower QCC17

    3 QCC17 - large wheeled bag for safe transport of lighting fixtures and accessories. Robust internal design with immobilizing straps allows you to carry delicate studio lamps with modifiers and tripods. Walls fastened with "Velcro" allow maximum use of the interior. Bag made of high quality material resistant to abrasion. At the bottom of the bag, the wheels allow for light transport, even heavy equipment. A foot that allows the bag to be placed upright. Other features QCC17: Internal walls made of special shock absorbing sponge. Special longitudinal insert, made of the same material securing the equipment from the top. Stripping belts keep the equipment in place. Strong handle on the top. Space for data on the front flap. Two-way zipper for red or orange finish. Dimensions of the interior: 100 x 23 x 32 cm (H x D x W) Weight: 9 kg

  • Ring lamp 65W FreePower R65PRO with power adjusting

    3 The fluorescent ring lamp 65W with power adjusting. Essential in portrait, product, macro photography, and also very popular among make-up artists. The lamp is fixed on a tripod by means of the short flexible arm attached to the set, which allows the lamp to be positioned in any position. The set also includes a textile duffle fastened with velcro, giving a more even and soft light Characteristic: The power of the 65W lamp is comparable to that of a traditional 325W incandescent bulb. The color temperature of 5400 K is maintained for approximately 6000 hours of operation. Lighting of this color corresponds to the color of daylight. The lamp has a power control Parameters: Power: 65W Color rendering index:> 90 Ra Color temperature: 5400 K Power supply: 110-230V Inside diameter: 37 cm Outside diameter: 49 cm Height: 58 cm Time for delivery 3-10 working days

  • Fresnel lamp FreePower 150W with power adjusting

    3 The 150W continuous light bulb with Fresnel lens is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Fresnel Light System lamp is used in television studios, film productions, but is also used in photography as it is suitable for both main and rear lighting scenes. Included with the lamp are the gates that allow the formation of a stream of light. Fresnel lens light beam with adjustable spreading angle, giving the light deeply polarized and directed. As a result, we get a uniform illumination of the object with soft transitions and shadows, eliminating sharp contrasts. The ability to manipulate the lens with a Fresnel lens allows you to capture details, create subtle shadows, while maintaining superb contrast and depth of field. Thanks to the lamp you get a unique atmosphere of pictures. The lamp has a sturdy metal tripod mount. There are two terminals on the sides of the lamp that allow you to change the angle to which it is inclined. Parameters: Power: 150 W Lens diameter: 80 mm Color temperature: 3200 K Power supply: AC 220 - 240 V Weight: 2.6 kg NOTE: Available in powers 300w/ 650w /1000w / 2000w/ with power adjusting or whitout Time for delivery is 3-10 Working days Also you can buy a softbox for power 650w/2000w

  • Table tripod FreePower FLEX L mount 1/4", 3/8"

    3 The table tripod 24cm, useful for outdoor sessions, during travels and in studio. It can be hold in any backpack or bag. The legs are flexible, can be shaped according to needs what allows to place tripod almost everywhere, f.ex. on branch, or unlevel terrain. The rubber feet protect aganist slide. The tripod has quite big mount plate with 1/4" screw and 3/8" adapter, so it is compatible with most of cameras and video cameras or even heads. The solid construction allows to mount on tripod compact cameras, video cameras and DSLR cameras. Features: 1/4" mount with 3/8" adapter solid construction, can hold compacts, video cameras and DSLR flexible legs rubber feet rubber lined mount plate NOTE: the camera shown on photos is not for sale. Avialable in difrent sizes and loads. Time for delivery 3-10working days

  • Umbrella 180cm white for studio on wheeled stand Mircopro

    3 White umbrella diameter of 180 cm is one of the largest lighting modifiers available in our offer. With mounted to the inside of the lamp allows for a perfect illumination of the whole body and the background for the model. Suited for lighting very wide shots, calmly will illuminate a larger group of people. Diameter 180 cm allows you to use it as the only lighting. This type of giant umbrellas are often used in fashion photography, wedding photographs or as a central lighting the entire plan. Stable tripod on wheels allows a high assembly over the shooting scene. The hook on the back allows for mounting the counterweight. Distinguishing features Umbrella: The large span / 180 cm diameter at a depth of 85 cm allows the perfect angle of light at its minimal losses. It can be used as the central front, side or rear lighting plan. White reflective surface allows for excellent illumination while maintaining excellent color reproduction. Faster than a softbox - Special scheme stretching umbrella allows very fast spreading. On the back of a large, handy ring allows you to easily spread the modifier. His several times turning tightens design, retractable pin blocks whereas all before submitting. The angle at which it is to be directed umbrella can be freely modified in the range of 180 degrees. For his load, you can also use located at the tip of the hook - this allows for convenient manual manipulation of light. Extremely stable tripod on wheels allows for great mobility in the studio and the field. Each of the wheels is blocked independently. Large height range allows you to place an umbrella for the photographed object. Located in the set 5 kg counterweight allows you to work with heavier models of lamps. Specification: Weight umbrella: about 6.5 kg The diameter of the umbrella unfolded: 180 cm The depth of the bowl when assembled: about 85 cm Arm length is 265 cm Counterweight: 5 kg Interior Color: White Also avialable umbrella 220cm White

  • CY300K Studio Monolight Flash FreePower

    3 CY-300K is a studio flash with power 300Ws and guide number of 58. It is one of the most popular and most widely used flash on the market, and its usability has already been tried and tested. Manufacturer predicted up to 5 variants of the model CY-K with different power: 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 Ws. Characteristics of the model CY-300K: Professional, studio flash CY K series meet both the requirements of photographers - amateurs, just learning to work with lighting and advanced users of the studio lighting in their daily work. The lamp has a system of internal discharge - the reduction of energy takes place inside the flash discharge without flash (flash does not blink while reducing power). The model uses a burner PerkinElmer (former Heimann), known for its reliability. Infinitely adjustable flash output in the range of 4 stops - from 1/1 to 1/8 (potentiometer). The role of lighting the pilot fully bulb. A significant advantage is the ability to regulate the pilot light output regardless of the flash energy (to the additional knob). Flash CY-K can benefit from a wide selection of light modifiers standard Bowens: softbox, beauty dish'y, snootw, bowls, beauty dish, the gates of a wide variety of manufacturers: Jinbei, FreePower, Aurora Lite Bank, Bowens and more. It has a built-in umbrella holder. The robust housing made of metal alloy and durable plastic, allows you to work outdoors. Voltage 9 V output PC allows you to safely work with digital cameras. Trigger: with built-in photocell (turned independent), the slot synchronization (triggering via wire triggers), pressing the "test" Operating modes modeling light: off, off the flash, does not go out after the flash, 100% power at a reduced flash energy. Avialable powers: 200, 300, 500, 600Ws.

  • Cleaning kit VSGO DKL6 for photo cameras

    3 The universal cleaning kit for cameras, lenses, LCD, filters, etc. The kit includes vaacum packed swabs with high quality dust free microfibre ends (single fibre thickness 2nm) for APS-C sensors. The kit includes also lens pen for removing dust from lenses, microfibre cloth, two-sided dust-free cotton buds, paper tissues for lenses, wet antibacterial wipes for LCD and cleaning brush for dust off camera body, etc. There is also air blower for remove dust and dirt. The air blower should be used allways at first step of cleaning process, for remove all dust, sand etc, which may cause scratches or other dameges during cleaning with stab or cloth. The included portable bag with cuff allow to pack all tools and take it f.ex. for outdoor session. The kit icludes: 1x air blower 2x vacuum packed swabs for APS-C sensors 8x two-sided cotton buds 1x microfibre cloth 15x15cm 50x paper tissues for lenses 1x lens pen 1x cleaning brush 2x antibacterial wet wipes for LCD 1x portable bag NOTE! The CCD sensor is easily broken element, scratch prone. We do not recommend cleaning CCD sensor on your own by persons with non-sufficient experience inthis field.

  • Ring light 65W professional FreePower

    3 Ring light fluorescent power of 65 W allows for even light shooting or the shooting scene. The lamp is lit homogeneous steady, so that inside the lens is always surrounded by soft light. Lamp when mounted on a flexible arm or tripod lamp will work as a source of light in the sessions portraits, product photography or macro photography. The lamp can be mounted in several ways: stand with bracket screwed to the table shadowless, flexible arm. The lamp will also work in the gallery with table and tent shadowless With the construction of the ring lamp provides uniform propagation of light from all sides of the subject Characteristic: Lamp power (65 W) is comparable with the power of the traditional 325-watt bulb. The color temperature of 5400 K is maintained for a period of about 6,000 lamp hours. Lighting of the color corresponds to the color of daylight. The lamp has no power regulation. Parameters: Power: 65 W Coefficient of color reproduction:> 90 Ra Color temperature: 5400 K Power supply: 230 V Diameter: 37 cm Outer Diameter: 49 cm Height: 58.5 cm

  • Background support system - for 3 backgrounds

    3 The suspension 3 backgrounds, convenient mounting at any height. Mount Kit backgrounds suitable for hanging on a wall or ceiling. You can be mounted on the background placed on cardboard or aluminum sleeve. Handles responsible for moving backgrounds work by spring pins, screwing them obtain permanent connection background of the suspension system. Background unwound and wound up with a chain with a weight. The special construction system protects the tape from slipping. The weight can achieve the appropriate tension of the system. Characteristic: System to prevent spontaneous unwinding heavier backgrounds - screws on the left side of the system is governed by the strength of resistance development background. Regardless mounted components allow for installation backdrops of any width. Can be installed on the ceiling or wall saves space in the studio. You are not forced to store additional tripods - collapsed ceiling background waiting for reuse. Set contains: Two hooks on the background Handle set anchors Three chains for lifting and lowering three weights Time for delivery: Dear Customer make a order before each Thursday to recive goods faster. Less then 7 days

  • Studio Rail System with 3 pantographs FreePower

    3 The ceiling hanging lamp - rails with four pantographs. Single pantograph lifting capacity is 15 kg, the kit may then be used for fitting even heavier halogens. Height adjustment range of the pantograph in the range of 43 - 200cm. The system saves a lot of space in the studio. The system is based on the rails, which are mounted on the wheelchair cross rails, which also wheelchair are suspended pantographs. The pantograph is equipped with a spring, which allows easy and fast way to change the amount of light. The security of the entire system provide special metal links, to protect against a possible collapse of the equipment. Standard tip 16mm allow the installation of most of the studio lighting. Wires lamp is mounted in special holders, so they will not hang unnecessarily. Pantographs have a regulatory system tension cable. Advantages of the system: Thanks to excellent use of space in the atelier - a system on the ceiling is approx. 15 m. Construction designed for self-assembly. The maximum load of a single pantograph is as high as 15 kg. Pantograph completed a typical pin 16 mm (5/8 "), which mount each studio lighting, including all flash units and flash continuous light. The kit includes: - 2 rails Ceiling 3 m - Two transverse rails 3 m - 3 pantographs of the field length. 40-200 cm with strollers - 3 trucks with brake pantograph - 3 trucks cross - Cable trolleys - Rail completed limiters - Mounting brackets Ceiling - cable locks Avilable version with 4 pantograph Time for delivery: Dear Customer make a order before each Thursday to recive goods faster. Less then 7 days.

  • Wall bracket for studio lighting FreePower Wall boom 98-169 cm

    3 Boom wall studio lighting (wall boom) will allow for convenient operation mounted lighting studio. The telescopic boom design allows you to adjust the length in the range of 98-169 cm. The boom also allows for great freedom of movement in the vertical and horizontal (+/- 80 ). Mounted on the wall or ceiling allows direct light in any direction. Using it brighten all or only a selected portion of the plan. Boom allows you to mount lamps weighing up to 7 kg. Characteristic: Bracket will use when you will need to reach behind or over the subject. By moving the support arm change the angle at which light is to be located. Double end of the handle allows for vertical or transverse installation of lamps Specification: Mounting: wall, ceiling Sections: 2 The diameter of each section: 25 mm, 31.5 mm, 35.6 mm Length / range: 98-169 cm Vertical movement range: +/- 80 Range of motion in the level of +/- 80 Stem: double-sided ends of the 1/4 and 3/8 Capacity: 7 kg Weight: 3 kg Time for delivery: 7-14 days. Dear Customer make a order before each Thursday to recive goods faster. Less then 7 days. Also available in size 75-125cm

  • Studio flash lamp Jinbei MSN II 600 V with TRS-V radio receiver

    3 The MSN-600 II Jinbei is 600Ws studio flash lamp for professionals. New version has built-in radio receiver TRS, stronger modelling lamp 300W and shorter recharge time. Bowens accessory mount. The modelling lamp can work in two modes: proportional and full. Flash output adjusting from 1/1 to 1/128. The built-in radio receivier is compatible with TRS/TRS-V 2.4 GHz Jinbei trigger (to buy separately). The TRS/TRS-V transmitter can be used also for remote control of flash output and on/off modelling light. Work range up to 80m and max. synchronization speed 1/250s. The lamp has active system of temperature control. In case of temperature inside rises to high, time between flashes will be automatically extended, and alert will be displayed on LCD. The 4 models of MSN II are available: 400 Ws, 600 Ws and 800 Ws. The kit includes: lamp MSN-600 Jinbei power cable glass cover for flash tube plastic cover Parameters: model: MSN-600 guide number: 80 recharge time: 0.07 ~ 1.6 s. flash output adjusting: 1/1~1/128 flash duration time: 1/10000 s HSS recharge indicator: LCD / beeper / modelling lamp colour temperature: 5500 K 200 K modelling lamp: G 9.5 300W, 230V AC modelling lamp modes: proportional / full triggering methods: TEST button / TRS/TRS-V 2.4GHz / synchro socket / photocell overheat protection: built-in cooling fan / alert synchro voltage: DC 7V power supply: AC 195V~245 V 50/60 Hz accessory mount: Bowens voltage stabilization: 1% (tolerance 1% between two flashes with the same falsh output settings). weight: 2,6 kg dimmensions: 140 x 239 mm The Jinbei TRS 2.4 GHz transmitter is not included. It is available to buy separately in our store. Modelling light can cause overheat of softboxes. It is suggested to do not use modelling lamp with softboxes without ventilation gaps. Available lamps with Powers 400ws, 600ws, 800ws Time for delivery: 7-14 days Dear Customer make a order before each Thursday to recive goods faster. Less then 7 days.

  • Reflector 7 in 1 150x200cm Basic with cover FreePower

    3 Reflectors are light modifiers for studio and also very usable outdoor owing to small folded dimmensions. The base of 7 in 1 reflector is stainless steel springy frame on which is diffusing surface. On this is pulled on removable zippered coat with reflective surfaces: sliver, golden, golden-silver(weave), and two background surfaces: green and blue. Usage of surfaces: white/diffusive - made from special fabric, diffusing light very evenly. It works similar to clouds on the sky, reduces contrast and shadows on photos, bring out details. silver - reflects lamp/sun light, rise up contrasts golden- reflects lamp/sun light, makes colors little warmer, decreases color temperature of light golden-silver (wave) - covered with herring-bone pattern, it joints together advantages of golden and silver reflecting surface white - neutral, reflects and well diffuse light blue/green - they could be used as background for chroma key

  • Camera flash lamp YongNuo YN-568EX for Nikon

    3 YN-568EX Speedlite dedicated for Nikon The YongNuo 568EX flash is designed for photographers need high quality and comfort of work. It is first Yongnuo model with Auto FP (HSS) mode, what allows to synchronize flash with very short shutter times, up to 1/8000s. This lamp also has wireless work mode - allows to make full auto exposure correction in Nikon mode, and manual in Nikon and Canon. The lamp has flash zoom function, controlled manually or automatically in i-TTL mode, in range 24-105mm. YN 568EX canwork in one of 6 modes: TTL, i-TTL manual multi Slave S1 i S2 YN-568EX also has functions: FEC (Flash Exposure Compensation), FEB (Flash Exposure Bracketing), Front/Rear Curtain, autofocus supporting. In S1 mode the lamp can be trigged with photocell by other flash lamp. In S1 mode it is triggered at first flash. in S2 mode it can be triggered even by built-in flashes and others using pre-flash function - YN 568EX can omit pre-flashes. YN-568EX has high guide number - 58GN with ISO100 - what allows to make good photos even in very bad light conditions. It can support AF with AF beam what is very useful in dark scenes. Flash head can be rotated in two planes, and has zoo function (auto / manual), additional folded diffuser and reflector. The legible LCD display with backlight shown all current flash settings. The lamp has also sound prompt function, indicating current working state with different sounds. YN 568EX is very good option for photographers based in their work on camera flashes. Full auto and manual work modes, flash power adjusting down to 1/128 and high guide number GN 58 for ISO 100 gives high possibilities of use in different conditions. The lamp has also synchro connection (micro jack 2,5mm) allows to synchronize with camera by synchro cable. Specyfication: wireless triggering range: 25m indoor, 15m outdoor FEC FEB (bracketing) FEV Auto FP (High Speed Sync) rear-curtain modelling flashes compatibility with wireless Canon / Nikon triggering systems, Speedlite / CLS (Creatine Lighting System) color temperature: 5600K flash duration time: 1/800s - 1/20000s power adjusting: 8 steps - 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, 1/128 (22 sub-steps per 1/3 EV) zoom range: auto and manual (24 / 28 / 35 / 50 / 70 / 80 / 105mm) backlighted LCD display built-in folded reflector built-in wide-angle diffuser guide number: GN58, ISO 100 work modes: TTL, E-TTL / E-TTL2 - automatic flash measurment; M manual; MULTI - stroboscope, and S1, S2 - slave, trigged by photocell (S2 - with preflashes omiting) number of flashes with one battery set: 100-1500, with fresh AA/R6 batteries recharging time: up to 3s 3 work groups: A, B, C 4 work channels flash head rotating: vertical: -7 to 90; horizontal: -90 to 180 power supply: 4x AA/R6 batteries or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries auto turn-off function:30min in manual mode, 60min in photocell mode sound indicating system dimmensions: 60*190*72 mm weight: 380 g (without batteries) metal shoe set includes: flash lamp, cover, support foot with 3/4" thread In manual mode the lamp works with all DSLR cameras with standard hot shoe (it is not compatible with Sony/Minolta standard hot shoe).

  • Easel 170cm - BLACK

    3 The all aluminum frame of the easel means its both durable and lightweight, they are designed with portability in mind. Retractable legs allow easy fold-up action and give you the ability to take your easel on the go! Just like wooden display easel, these display easels are designed to work with a variety of products such as framed chalkboards or marker-boards. Our aluminum display easels also features a safety clamp on top to tightly secure your displays, and an adjustable bracket to give flexibility in choosing display height. Ideal for both casual and professional settings, our easel can help you convey any message to your audience! . Specification: Max hight: 170 cm Max displays: up to 91 cm Weight: 1 kg Light & Durable Aluminum frame Easy Fold-up Easy to carry All purpose easel Retractable legs For indoor and outdoor use Waterproof pouch for easy carrying your new easel!

  • Reflecting Panel 2in1 silver / white 100x220cm

    3 Double-sided silver-white reflective panel 2in1 Aurora. Ball joint plane for maneuver the entire surface in terms of the ramps on the sides (+/- 90 ), and change the position from vertical to horizontal (pan rotation through 360 ). The current position of the plane is blocked terminal. Using panel dowietlisz shooting scene, you do not diminish the beneficial shadows and ochodzisz tone light. The large dimensions of the plane (100x220 cm) allow you to use it the most performed in the studio or outdoors photos. Characteristic: Using the white side of the plane dowietlisz shooting scene - reflecting off the plane light works just like right next to the models was a large window. A large silver panel will be able to take advantage of the cool tones of light. The panel has its own stable tripod allows comfortable working alone. Two sect tripod allow fast changes the height of his mount. Handle the ball with terminal allows easy maneuvering panel in the range of +/- 90 degrees (up / down / sideways) and 360 rotation around its axis - the panel can be mounted both vertically and horizontally. Tension springs allow you to stand uniform tension across the plane. Set contains: Tripod handle ball 4 tension rods White-silver plane reflective 100 x 220 cm Available sizes: 80 x 120cm 100 x 180cm 100 x 220cm Available colors: Silver / Gold Silver / White Black / Silver Black / White

  • Telescopic crossbar FreePower 295cm 3 segments

    3 Telescopic crossbar with max. length 305cm. The crossbar is consist of 3 segments which allow to stepless length adjusting in range 115 - 305cm. It can be mounted on any light stands with standard mount pin 12-16mm. The segments are blocked by rotate 90. Max. background width: 295cm. NOTE: the lightstands and background shown on photos are not included.

  • Trigger radio YongNuo YN-622CII for Canon

    3 The successor to one of the most advanced radio triggers for system lamps and studio YN622C. The new version YN622CII allows triggering of individual lamps and larger lighting kits. With the retrofit device to work with the controller YN560-TX it is possible to manage (through it) until 6 groups lamps. In the hands of a specialist triggers will provide excellent support during the photo reportage, studio and outdoor. As in the first version of the triggers allow full support for force measurement flash e-TLL Canon EOS. In some camera models it exists also the possibility of wireless control of lamps from the camera and synchronization with ultra short shutter speeds (HSS) and support for Flash on 1st and 2nd curtain. Each of the triggers can be used as both transmitter and receiver, which allows to reduce synchronization time large groups of lighting. The new version also changed the type of attachment to the camera hot shoe, screw lock has been replaced by a much faster lock quick lock Synchronization with triggers and drivers: Both devices are equipped with a sled on the lamp connector and PC so can be used either as a transmitter and a receiver 622. The triggers used with the controller 622C-TX or 560-TX triggers will act as managed by receivers. Key features YN622CII: Ability to manage lights from the camera's menu * Operation short time synchronization up to 1 / 8000s in HSS mode ** Support for the E-TTL for most cameras with a Canon EOS series Support for exposure compensation (FEC) Support for Bracketing (FEB) Support for exposure lock (FEL) AF-assist illuminator Wireless radio transmission range ensures synchronization of lighting up to 100m. Socket for software updates. ** For all lamps feature a short time synchronization - that is, most of the lamps reporter and certain models of studio lighting for the other lamp is usually 1 / 250s) * For cameras with Canon EOS series with remote management settings. Set contains: 2 device type transmitter / receiver Compatible devices: With external control tubes: Canon EOS 1DX / EOS 5D Mark II / 5D Mark II / 1 Ds Mark III / 1D Mark IV / 1 D Mark III / 6D / 7D / 7DII / 60D / 70D / 50D / 40D / 450 / Series 500D / Series 600D / Series 700D / 1000D Series Without external control lamps: Canon EOS 5D / 10D / 20D / 30D / 300D / 350D / 400D / 1D / 1D Mark II Compatible lamp: Canon 600EX (RT) / 580EXII / 430EXII / 320EX / 270EX (II) YongNuo YN600EX-RT / YN568EX (II) / YN565 (II) / YN468 (II) / YN467 (II) / YN465

  • Wireless radio trigger YongNuo RF605C for Canon/ Nikon

    3 The YONGNUO RF605C is a trigger for Canon system and compatible with controller YN560-TX, speedlight YN560 IV and triggers RF-602 and RF-603. The RF-605C supports 6 groups A/B/C/D/E/F. It can be used also as wire or wireless shutter remote control. Work range 100m. Features of Yongnuo RF605C: 3 work modes - TX, RX and TRX - for use RF-602 and RF-603 as transmitter or receiver backlighted LCD 6 groups and 16 channels shutter remote control function The kit includes: 2 x trigger RF605C cable LS-2.5/C3 (Canon 1D, 7D, seria 5D, 10D, 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D) cable LS-2.5/C1 (Canon 60D, 70D, serie 400D, 500D, 600D, 700D, 1000D) Specification: base frequency: FSK 2.4 GHz range: up to 100m channels: 16 groups: 6 (A/B/C/D/E/F) work modes: RF-602 as TX or RX; RF-603 as TX or TRX synchro: up to 1/320s shutter socket: micro-jack 2.5mm (C1 and C3) synchro PC power supply: 2 x AAA/R3 (3V); (TX) up to 90h; (RX, TRX) up to 30h dimmensions: 85 x 41 x 35 mm Available also trigger RF605N in the same price

  • Speedlight Yongnuo YN-560IV

    3 The YN-560IV is a speedlight that combines advantages of devices YN-560 III and YN-560-TX. It has built-in trigger compatible with RF-602 and RF-603 (I,II). Also it can work as Master controller of 560IV and 560III, in 3 groups. The YN-560IV can be used with all cameras with standard hot shoe (Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus). Cameras with Sony/Minolta hot shoe can be connected with appropriate adapter (available in our e-store). Features of YN-560IV: can work as Master controller - supports 3 groups remotely controls flash output and zoom of YN560III and YN560IV built-in receiver of RF-602 and RF-603 (I,II) guide number GN 58 wide zoom range 24-105mm 2 work modes of photocell (S1 and S2) large backlighted LCD battery pack socket, compatible with CP-E3, CP-E4 Specification: guide number (GN): 58 zoom: 24 - 105mm flash time duration: 1/200 s - 1/20 000s recharge time: do 3s flash output adjusting: 1/128 - 1/1 colour temperature: 5600K flash modes: Manual, S1, S2 (S2 with omiting preflashes), Slave (RX), Master (TX), MULTI (stroboscopic) 1st and 2nd curtain synchronization wireless triggering with RF-602 and RF-603 (I,II) triggers built-in YN-560TX controller base frequency: 2.4GHz 16 channels, 3 groups compatible with full frame and apsc cameras Head rotation: vertical: -7 to 90; horizontal: 0 to 270 built-in diffuser and deflector synchro PC and battery pack socket auto sleep mode in Manual: 3min auto power off: in Manual - 30min, in photocell mode - 60min beeper power supply: 4 x AA/R6 alkaline battery or Ni-MH rechargeable battery number of flashes: 100-1500, with new AA batteries wireless control range: to 100m (by radio transmission); 10-15m (photocell) dimmensions: 60 x 190 x 78 mm weight: 350g (without batteries) metal hotshoe The kit includes: YN-560IV mini stand cover user manual Other accessories shown on photos are available separately (battery pack, batteries).

  • Wireless radio trigger YongNuo YN-622N KIT for Nikon or Canon

    3 The Yongnuo YN622N-KIT consist of high quality TTL wireless radio controller YN622N-TX and trigger YN622N. Both devices are fully compatible with Nikon system. It is possible to extend kit with another 622N triggers. It works in 3 groups, for each group can be set separately work mode: (E-TTL, Manual, Super Sync), flash output, FEC, and Zoom. The Super Sync mode can be used with most of lamps, also studio, owing to possibility of change trigger time parameters. Auto save function automatically saves current settings. YN-622N TX also has AF support, PC synchro socket and micro USB socket for firmware upgrade. Features of YN622N-KIT: The controller can work with Nikon cameras by hot shoe or synchro PC cable. The YN622N-TX can controls 3 flash groups (A/B/C) in modes: i-TTL, Manual, Super Sync. Remote control of flash output, shutter speed synchronization, FEC, Zoom. Super Sync mode allows to synchronize even standard studio lamps with shutter speed over 1/250s. Supports AF. Shutter remote control function. Synchronization up to 1/250s (in Auto FP mode to 1/8000s) 7 transmission channels Supports 3 work groups: A, B, C different work modes for each group. Remote control of flash output, FEC and Zoom for each group Synchronization on 1st and 2nd curtain. Supports FEC, FELock (FVL), modelling light, red eye reduction, Auto ZOOM. YN622N-TX is compatible with controller YN560-TX and triggers YN-622N. Port USB for firmware upgrade (available for free on manufacturer website). Large readable LCD display with backlight. Useful control panel. Wireless control range up to 100m. Power supply: 2 x AA/R6 Dimmensions: 89,5 x 53 x 39mm Weight: 82g Work time: 120h (with new batteries) The kit includes: controller YN622N-TX trigger YN622N cable 2 x micro jack cable aparat-sterownik: micro jack-Canon Power supply: (622N-TX/622N) 2 x AA Dimmensions: 89,5 x 53 x 39mm Weight: 82g Estimated work time: 120h (with new batteries) Work range: to 100m Also available version for Canon in the same price.